Privacy Policy

Information we collect

At Tecwic, we collect information about you that helps serve our purpose of redefining your experience at our blog. Moreover, the information we collect allows us to enhance our efforts and our content to better suit your liking.

There are two types of information that we collect:

  • First of all, the voluntary information that we receive from you, that includes (but is not restricted to) to name, address, etc, allows you to contribute to our discussion forums, interact actively with us and other users via comments, while also being able to take part in surveys and giveaways at Tecwic. It also pertains to agreeing to receive newsletters and email notifications from us about topics that interest you.
  • The second type of information that we collect is tracking your visits so we can tabulate the amount of traffic every post receives. This gives us a better idea of what sort of content is more popular among our visitors and which is not.

How we use your information

The information you share with us allows us to have a better idea of your preferences and allows to build our blog around your interests and likes. Furthermore, it lets us send you email notifications and newsletters whenever something suits your interests pops up on our website. This helps us keep you updated regularly. Also, it allows you to be a contributing member of the Tecwic community, letting you participate in all interactive forums and activities.

The tracking information we collect from you lets us analyse our blog and its content further. It gives us a better idea of the kind of audience we have been successful in reaching out to and what that audience prefers to see on our website. It helps us plan our posts to cater to your preferences and built a better marketing strategy.

Transfer of information

Maintaining a strict code of conduct, unless it is to abide by the law or to keep your interest a priority, we will not share any of your personal information or tracking information with a third party. Our users privacy is our top priority and we will take all the necessary measures to comply with that.

Controlling your personal information

You choose what you want to or don’t want to share with us. And that includes personal, voluntary information and tracking information as well. Your consent is something which we never overlook, and is needed for us to be able to collect any sort of information about you. Moreover, if you do subscribe to us at some point in time, and later wish to not share that information anymore, you can unsubscribe from our blog at any time.

Personal, voluntary information

You can decline to share your contact details with us, which include (but are not restricted to) name, address, etc. However, this will curb your ability to participate in forums, surveys and giveaways and to receive email notifications and newsletters from us.


By adding cookies to your browser, we are able to track and monitor your the traffic you generate at our website. Free of personal information, you can delete the cookies from your browser if you do not wish to share tracking information with us. Consequently, it will limit your ability to participate in interactive sessions on the blog.


We do not deliberately collect personal information from children under the age of 13, without ensuing parental consent.

Terms and modifications to this privacy statement

By choosing to use our website, you agree to comply with all the above mentioned clauses of our privacy policy. In case of future changes in the privacy statement, you will be informed anew of any amendments made to it.

Contact us

If there is any part of our privacy statement that you do not agree with, you are welcome to contact us or email us at and inform us of your opinion