Renowned and Largest Electronics Companies in the World

The electronics industry is a much fairly young enterprise, particularly when referred to other well-established industries. The industry was only founded in the twentieth century and has risen at an increased pace during the last few years. It is also undoubtedly one of the largest establishments in the world, including several varying sectors and global sales of more than $481 billion. The industry is already worth trillions of dollars and is among the world’s fastest developing. We differentiate it from other related industries, like those of ecommerce, which is subtly different, and while the two are linked and connected, they are never the same. This article will list down some of the famous electronic industries that work day and night to provide us our favorite electronic products. 

Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics is Europe’s greatest electronics company, with a net income of USD 221.6 billion last year. Samsung is a South Korean international electronics company based in South Korea that is better known for being one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronics products and semiconductors. The company makes electronic components like lithium-ion batteries, semiconductors, chips, and sensor technology. Samsung is also the world’s largest producer of mobile phones and smartphones, best known for its flagship Samsung Galaxy smartphone line. With its Samsung Galaxy Note devices, the company also pioneered the phablet market. 

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is an international American technology corporation currently based in Round Rock, Texas. Dell is well-known for its extensive electronics product line, which includes personal desktops, servers, mobile phones, TV sets, software applications, computer security, cybersecurity, and information security services. Unlike most of the other major brands on this list, Dell generates roughly half of its revenue in the United States. Dell as of now operates in two divisions: the Dell Client Solutions Group, which compensated for 49 percent of 2019 fiscal revenues, manufactures desktops, notepads, tablet devices, and peripherals such as monitors, copy machines, and projectors under the Dell brand name; and the Dell Enterprise Group, which designs and builds servers and storage devices. Dell EMC Infrastructure Solutions Group is the company’s second division.


Intel is an American multinational company and technology firm based in Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, California. Intel was once the world’s largest semiconductor company, as well as the world’s most valuable chip-making company, based solely on its semiconductor division. Intel is a company that makes motherboard chipsets, network adapter controllers, and integrated circuits. High-end Intel CPUs including the i7 line of CPUs, such as the Intel 9900-K CPU, are among its most successful products. Intel is a major exporter of computer chips to major technology brands such as Apple, Lenovo, HP, and Dell. Last year, Intel’s revenue exceeded USD 71.9 billion, letting it one of the world’s largest electronics companies in terms of revenue. 

Hon Hai Precision Industry

Taiwanese multinational electronics company Hon Hai Precision Industry, even widely recognized as Foxconn, is one of the world’s top electronic companies. Foxconn is Taiwan’s widest private employer and the world’s largest supplier of electronics products and services. Hon Hai Precision Industry made USD 175.62 billion in annual revenue in 2019. Terry Gou established the business in 1974, and it is now known for producing electronic products for significant American, Canadian, Chinese, Finnish, and Japanese corporations. Foxconn is well-known for producing iPhones, iPads, Nintendo 3DS, Kindles, PlayStation consoles, and a variety of other products. Internationally, the company has operations in China, the United States, Brazil, Europe, Mexico, Japan, India, Malaysia, and South Korea. 

Apple Inc.

Apple is the world’s most profitable electronics company, with an overall revenue of USD 260.17 billion in 2019. This American globalized technology firm located in California models, creates, and distributes electronic goods, computer software, and online services as one of the world’s largest electronics companies. The iPhone is Apple’s key product, a huge change and industry innovator in the world of mobile phones. Apple, along with Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, is regarded as one of the “Big Four” technology companies. Apple became the world’s first corporation to have a market valuation of $1 trillion, and it later surpassed the $1.3 trillion mark in December 2019. Aside from iPhones, the corporation is recognized for creating, establishing, processing, and selling a wide range of consumer electronics products such as the iPad tablet, Mac private computers and laptops, iPod, Smartwatch, Apple TV, Air Pods, and so many more. Apple is known for its creativity, as many of its products forever altered existing markets. 


Sony Corporation is a large Japanese corporate brand headquartered in Knan, Minato, Tokyo. Professional electronics, gaming, entertainment, and financial services are all divisions of the company. Sony is also well-known for its presence in the music industry, as it owns the world’s largest music entertainment company. Sony is the world’s fifth largest television manufacturer and is well-known for its PlayStation video game consoles. Sony produced yearly turnover of USD 80.92 billion in 2019, creating the Japanese electronics company one of the largest in the world. 


On January 1, 2008, PEGATRON Corporation was established. Pegatron, with extensive product construction knowledge and highly integrated manufacturing, is dedicated to providing customers with professional design, methodical production, and manufacturing services in order to thoroughly and competently meet all of their needs. PEGATRON has a strong R&D team, friendly, fast service quality, and a high level of employee bonding. In addition, the company has consolidated the EMS and ODM industries to form an evolving Design and Manufacturing Service (DMS) company. As a result, creators are able to provide industry-leading, cutting-edge products as well as profitable business opportunities to their partners.


Huawei is a Chinese globalized technology firm that specializes in the production and sale of consumer electronics and telecommunications hardware. Huawei was established in 1987 and is currently based in Shenzhen, China. In 2019, Huawei recorded annual sales of USD 122.97 billion. Huawei advertises its goods in over 170 countries and recently surpassed Apple as the world’s second-largest smartphone manufacturer, trailing only Samsung. Huawei is China’s largest smartphone seller, accounting for 20% of the market.


Matsushita Electric Industrial Co ltd was the startup’s official title before it was rebranded Panasonic. This company has its roots in a wide range of products and services, and it began by manufacturing bulb connectors and other electrical connectors. Panasonic later expanded into products such as conditioners, projectors, bike, electronic goods, batteries, webcams, and so on. It became entangled in the massively profitable business of producing television sets and invested sufficiently in research and advancement to produce cutting-edge technologies. Panasonic has grown to be among the world’s finest electronics companies. 


LG is a South Korean multinational corporation with a global existence in over 80 countries. During its early years, this brand was well-known for its soaps, toothpaste, and other products. Later, this was submerged, and the corporation is now recognised for its consumer electronics business. As of now, the firm employs roughly 2200 people and 84000 workers in an estimated 120 operational activities around the globe.


On April 4, 1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen established Microsoft. Microsoft was once the world’s largest technology company in terms of profit, so it is the most profitable brand. It introduced Microsoft Windows, and later, with the commercialization of MS Office and subsequent standardization, it reaped enormous benefits because MS Office users found it to be very useful and simple to use software. As a result, it has gained widespread recognition as the world’s leading consumer electronics company. The cloud business solutions and software solutions support it delivers to its users is yet another leverage point on which it has capitalized and profited over the years. It emphasized differentiation and innovation through the introduction of new products on a regular basis. The network effects are proving to be the most valuable asset for this company.