10 Best Platforms for Android App Development

In today’s era, applications have revolutionized the way people function. They offer various areas of education and understanding. More than 2 billion Android devices are being used by individuals worldwide. That tells us evidently that the industry is heated by Android app services and is not seen in any collapse. So it all begins with an idea, the manner to the first app you want to create. It may initially sound basic, but it can be clouded effectively with the correct strategy. Given that the Android operating system with a large international support community is considered incredibly customizable, many developers often choose to make Android applications. Due to the growth of Android and the development of a wide variety of frameworks it has become a difficult question for most people to select the right approach for an Android project or app. These are a few of the most common platforms that would help you build your Android app in the near future.



This is a tool that is regarded as a cloud-based application and also helps to maintain the platform in its entirety. It can showcase an advanced type of business visual app. The framework helps to develop certain features which include interconnected backend infrastructure and some unique web apps which aid organizations like Samsung and AT&T. There are several other types of organizational structures used in detail. The whole framework has been implemented from backend services such as cloud-based push notifications to REST APIs, etc. 

It helps to speed up the time needed to market the cross-device applications and decrease operating waste of construction, deployment and management. It helps to remove the barrier skills which are typical of alternatives which require advanced, scarce skills. With the development productivity which is massively improved and seen, the frame tends to slow down the visual code builder.

2. Appy pie


Appy Pie is a cloud-based platform that enables users to make and publish an application for almost any platform without having any programming capabilities. None of it is to install or download, merely drag-and-drop entries to generate your own online mobile app. Upon completion, you will receive an HTML5-based hybrid app which operates on all operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows and a progressive application. All evaluations are in high definition, capable of sending automatic updates, monetizing ads and viewing live assessments and GPS tracking. You can incorporate updates, forums, websites, music, video, and more into social networks.

You will be shown different subjects, from a restaurant to a radio station, while using the framework. They also have a scheduling tool for appointments which is particularly useful for companies like doctors, salons or spas with contact information, such as a single-touch call. You can insert custom code and embed iframes via the code page.

3. GameSalad


GameSalad lets games for various operating systems such as iOS, Android, HTML5, and macOS be created and published. Its drag-and-drop functionality makes it possible, without programming experience, to start fast. It also intends to enable you to understand computer science through the construction process. The active community forum is an important asset, with availability by independent game designers for help and advice. GameSalad presents multiple proposals, one aimed at instructors and one developer. But you could still build an application without composing a code line from either of these app builders.

4. BiznessApps


BiznessApps provides a framework that makes it very easy to build mobile applications for a small business. It offers a range of functionalities like purchasing, a shopping cart, review sites, texts, dynamic content, functionalities with third parties, push notifications, extensive analytics, and more. With an easy to use content management system you can build an application even in minutes and adapt it all to pre-built design elements or even your own. Real-time previews are also available to verify your progress in designing and developing your app. BiznessApps also offers a simple way of creating promotions. Weekly online courses about how to develop beautiful mobile applications with BiznessApps are available, together with dozens of tutorials and articles to help facilitate the process.

5. AppMachine


AppMachine is a simple platform for creating and designing native, professional iOS and Android applications. You can incorporate various components with various features like information, photographs, and video through the drag-and-drop functionality. You can also connect your app to Facebook, Twitter or online shops by basic elements. You can design the app in its own unique style, select your navigational paths, colour, fonts and icons, monitor your progress using the previewer and control it completely. You can also scan a website for key contents that can pass on to an iOS or Android application. Test and evaluate your app as it is developed on your desktop, smartphone or laptop. You can publish, advertise and evaluate user data once your application is thoroughly evaluated and fully prepared to go. AppMachine takes good care of all your application needs for your Apple App Store and Google Play.

6. ShoutEm


ShoutEm provides a comprehensive application development platform with highly customizable engagement resources, monetization and effortless publication possibilities. All this unites to offer a comprehensive model for practically every application building context. There are many customization options for the Configuration Builder and each app can be coordinated firmly with current content reference sources such as WordPress, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and much more. Various monetization possibilities mean that you can quickly generate income streams from your app, including the e-commerce experience, in-app subscriptions, dealings and coupons. 

You can upload your applications on both iTunes and Google Play under your development account and update your application or functionality in full detail. ShoutEm also provides frequent auto-updates to make sure that your app always has the latest Android and iOS updates in front.

7. Mobile Roadie


Mobile Roadie is an app manufacturer, which enables mobile app programmers to develop and handle their own iOS or Android app. Possibly better, the construction occurs in a really visual way. With fully automated import of keywords from RSS, Twitter and Google News or an automatic fan wall, the framework includes all media types. You’ll show the app precisely as the users are on your phone using Mobile Roadie’s rear end. You will also find coherence and the effectiveness of your functionality in the certification process for the App Store with Mobile Roadie testing. Mobile Roadie offers very amazing functionality, such as geo-localized  applications, marketing, group and social features.

8. Good Barber


Good Barber is the platform that produces and generates all iPhone and Android apps along with credible, optimized Web applications. Without composing a single code line, you can supervise each component of the device on each channel. Many fully configurable interface designs together with plenty of  gorgeous icons and Google Fonts access are available. These advanced web apps could hypothetically remove the traditional website since they can be constructed for desktop, mobile devices and tablets. It provides special, usable push alerts and helps your fans by uploading posts, images and videos. Every time you establish variables in your application, you will receive instant visual feedback. Send exceptional push notifications to your viewers and transform them into contributors by allowing them to submit articles, pictures and videos. You can further assemble and add video clips, photographs, sounds, live shows, and more for your app.

9. TheAppBuilder


TheAppBuilder offers a range of apps for workers, customers, occasions and pamphlets with two main perspectives. If you construct an app as an intranet for a corporation, this could be the framework. You can develop the app using the online toolbox as well as you can either collaborate with the training or TheAppBuilder itself to describe, build and compliment the app’s structure. You can offer your clients a window into various applications or even customize your own marketing with the committed AppLibrary. With email addresses and passcodes,  you can safeguard and distribute apps in both public and private environments via the app store and use the Active Directory integration of TheAppBuilder to sign into established qualifications and groups of users. It is convenient to update your app’s content and structure even when you go live, as boundless updates can be made and published in one click on several digital devices. The system enables iPhone, iPad and Android, with live updates within a period of 60 seconds after a modification has been submitted.

10. AppMakr

AppMakr is now Appy Pie, It is a DIY platform that allows anyone with no coding knowledge to create iOS, Android and HTML5 applications. It was founded in 2009 and purchased by Infinite Monkeys, and has now become one of the world’s largest DIY app publishers. They claim that they now are the authentic way to create an application. You can have as many applications as you would like, update them without limitation and use a range of features, including a push notification scheme, high-resolution image gallery, news streams, chat rooms, message boards, integration in to the Google Maps, shared event calendars, buying stuff in apps, and many more.