6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting Started with Instagram Influencer Marketing

“Turn your passion into an epic side hustle without having to stay off from social media”- does this sound anything like a job description? No it would not because it’s not a job but a career infused with passion. Instagram influencer marketing is the hot marketing trend that brought new glamour to social media and marketing. Marketing is the key skill that every Instagram Influencer must have to become popular and generate more impact. One needs to strategize and play the game of social media; merely getting featured on some famous profile does not guarantee thousands of followers. In this article, you will learn six useful approaches to make your profile go viral and fulfill your agenda of becoming a popular Instagram Influencer. These will enable you to cultivate an invested community, receive opportunities to collaborate with big brands, and obviously expand the extent of your influence.

Niche and Theme: Set the backdrop of your identity. 

Before starting a new page or channel, you must decide your Niche and interest areas.

An influencer’s page must have a theme to determine the nature of the content being uploaded on it. Be it traveling, cooking, beauty, fitness, or pets for that matter. People should find some harmony on your page by virtue of an anchoring idea or concept. For Instagram influencer marketing, one must be aware of their passion, knowledge area, and most importantly adhere to uniqueness. So, for instance, if your theme is travel then your content would be around travel, fashion, interior design, beauty, and other related topics. Instagram Influencer marketing requires rotation of content on such inter-related topics which increases the knowledge of the followers regarding a given theme. Planning your content for a week in advance always comes in handy.

Note this down: Consistency is Key! 

Hearing for the zillionth time? Well, hear it once again, because your whole universe is going to depend on this one factor which is totally your choice to make. How do you think influencers manage to win their audience and followers without popping up in their feed every single day? To stay in the minds of your followers, you have to stay in their instagram feed, by remaining consistent in posting your content. Instagram influencer marketing goes well when you have a posting schedule- be it daily or just on weekdays. This holds true for the feed posts, but as far as Instagram stories are concerned, that should be uploaded everyday. Instagram influencer marketing succeeds only when you have enough content. Thus, every week one must do research and collect data for the next week. 

Captions capture Audience

Sometimes a tagline goes way beyond a brand’s recognition and grabs public eye (or even dominates a meme page!). What if you can use the same strategy to build your influence brand? A caption exactly does this. Captions are great in building connections with your audience by sharing your values and motivating them. Microblogging caption is quite effective in the recent Instagram influencer marketing. It is basically a mini-blog post; for instance, if you are a poet on Instagram, your microblogging caption might be about different types of rhyming schemes. You must remember that while scrolling one does not get to read an entire caption without clicking on ‘more’. Hence, the first line of the caption needs to be catchy so as to attract the attention of the followers and make them read more of it. Also, encourage your audience to comment at the end of the captions. Make your page inclusive and engaging! 

Connect with your Community 

As an influencer, you must focus not just on the number of followers but also the quality of the community thus formed by these followers. This should be your core strength and commitment. Instagram influencer marketing demands building a warm and powerful connection with your audience and this can happen only when your followers try to strike conversations with them by replying to your followers’ comments and reverting to their DMs on a regular basis. Making your audience talk to each other is another means of building a cozy sense of community. Instagram influencer marketing cannot run without knowing about your audience- their interests, ambitions, outlooks, occupation, etc. You can conduct polls on instagram story asking questions regarding geographic locations, age, jobs.

Maintain a Business Account

It is all about business…account! It’s your personal brand that you are setting up being an influencer. It means you will collaborate, promote and function like any popular brand. In order to attract potential buyers, make sure you have a business instagram account set up. Having a detailed bio with links to your email address and other accounts can enhance your game of Instagram Influencer marketing. This will help the brands to connect to you more easily. Learn to strategize and mould your content in accordance to the interests of the potential big brands and channels. It would smoothen the communication process. Having a business account helps you in tracking your progress level. The analytics option in such an account gives you an idea regarding what is working out and what is not working out in your favor. The promote option further enables you to reach a larger audience. 

Grow your Network

Larger opportunities call for a bigger network. Networking is integral to any form of marketing.It is always helpful to get on Instagram Influencer Marketing Platforms such as Fohr, or Popular Pays where brands might notice you and approach you with wonderful opportunities. You can even connect with Public Relations Firms dealing with brands from your niche. Write an impactful email to them by attaching your media kit. A media kit should ideally contain links to your websites and social handles, information regarding the size of audience on each of these handles, samples of your previous work and how you can tweak the format to the convenience of the present brand, and the last, your experience with other brands. Highlight what you have to offer and show them how your channels would be an opportunity for them to prosper. 


So that was a concise vision on how to get started with Instagram influencer marketing. Being an influencer, you can be known for your strengths, passion, interests that otherwise might have remained just a hobby only for leisure. With the right marketing techniques and social media, you can mark your identity for yourself in your niche. Set the goals right and march forward.