Top Salon Appointment Booking Apps

Well-renowned business = more customers daily 

Do you agree with the above statement?

If yes, then you must be following the best ways to engage your Salon customers and assure Salon success. And if no, then, of course you must be following the old traditional methods, Now, it is only known to you which one is applicable to you!!

Anyways, coming back to the point. If you are on the list of those Salon owners who are following the old ways of handling the Salons, then, you are on a wrong track. As per the recent technological advancements, these apps help operating the Salon business optimally.

When it is about the Salon owners, the Salon Appointment Booking Apps are taking the charge. 

Here are the benefits of salon appointment booking apps:

  • It takes the liability of your business.
  • Reduces the burden from your shoulders.
  • Converts your business handling more organised, quick & easy.
  • Converts the scheduling process more convenient, flexible & hassle free.
  • Makes the payment process more easy via new smart tools.

Other than this, appointment scheduling apps provide more countless features which contribute a lot in enhancing your business growth. In this article we are going to talk about the top appointment scheduling apps that may assist you in boosting your business growth.

Best appointment scheduling apps for your business


Salonist, a cloud based saloon solution cum appointment scheduling app assists salon owners in their day to day activities. This app is meant to reduce the burden of salon staff & owners by shifting their excess workload upon smart tools. By interlinking your business with this app you may provide boon to your business & see tremendous results.

Salonist app assists you in automating your regular sales. Users can make appointments, generate packages, memberships, campaigns & many more to achieve their business goals.

Other capabilities provided by this app includes:

  • Convenient management of salon appointments.
  • Provides point of sale.
  • Helps in generating comprehensive reports.
  • Manage client’s data efficiently.
  • Interlinked with social media platforms like facebook, instagram & slack.


Setmore makes your business more orderly with 24/7 auto online booking, payments, reminders & more. It provides organic reviews which truly helps in building trust among customers.This cloud based app comes with user friendly features & an inherent  drag & drop interface.

 Other Robust features in this app are:

  • Helps in managing calendars.
  •  Accessible through browser or smartphone.
  • Accept online transactions.
  • Helps in scheduling classes with numerous customers.
  • Synchronize with google, office 365 calendars, & outlook.

Square Appointments

Square Appointments has everything you required to handle your salon from anyplace, at any time. Its a cloud based appointment scheduling solution which assures business professionals to make appointments, bookings, accept payments & generate leads. This app is meant with an objective to fulfill the most needed requirements of business of all sizes.

This app is highly customizable & the best part is it is completely free for individuals & really affordable for teams.

Best features of this app  include:

  • 24/7 appointment scheduling.
  • Reduce no shows 
  • Efficiently manage the whole team.
  • Helps in knowing clients preferences.
  • Provide the features of online payment.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity also possesses all those key features like any other appointment booking app holds but someway it stands apart in their sturdy customer facing solutions.

While scheduling a session, customers need to fill a form via online mode which helps in gathering information about them ahead of their appointment. The  moment clients registered with acuity it’s there 24/7 to send customized & branded booking confirmations. You can also put forward packages, subscriptions, memberships, certificates etc to your clients. Moreover, consumers can pay instantly when they get scheduled.

Other features of acuity scheduling app includes:

  • Control multiple schedules from one place
  • Synced autocalenders.
  • Get merged with other tools like quickbooks, mailchimp & google analytics.
  • Customer remarks express excellent service by acuity.


Gigabook seems the most customizable appointment scheduling app. Users can make specifications regarding staff, equipment required, & room for every scheduled appointment which helps your staff to manage their time accordingly. In addition to this gigabook aims to provide these features: 

  • Integrate with Quickbooks
  • Helps in tracking growth
  • Make customized reports 
  • Proposes add on products to your appointments.
  •  Sync with personal, google calendar & office 365.
  •  Accept payments via paypal, stripe, braintree & Authorize.Net.,

If you prefer custom booking, you can  look for a gigabook.


Appointy is also an appointment scheduling app which allows users to make appointments, workshops, events, classes, activities, rides & tours. It comprises all the features that businesses need to make appointments.

So the features hold by this app includes:

  • Online scheduling
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Retain customers by knowing their preferences.
  • Attract customers via its integration with facebook, twitter & email marketing
  • Create gift cards, discounts & offers.
  • Accept payments via paypal, stripe & Authorize.Net.


Calendy in collaboration with your calendar automates appointment scheduling. And the very best part is even their free plan provides integrations for outlook, google calendar & many more. Seekers can also make integration of the app with their own websites which may help them in generating more customers. While paying for the services taken users get more advanced features likely Stripe, MailChimp integrations & Zoom. 

Additionally, app also include more capabilities like: 

  • Integrated calendars.
  • Infused with over 700 app integrations
  • Provides 14 day free trial.
  • Limitless events scheduling

Wrapping up

In this write up, I have briefly laid down the top appointment scheduling apps. They are most suitable for small scale businesses regardless of any industry. Few of them are best for specific businesses too.

Now it’s up to you which app seems fruitful to meet your requirements. And which app may help you in enhancing the growth of your business.

The right choice of application may assist your management team in a highly organised way by reducing their workload. Hence, results in more & more productivity of your business.

Kindly, share your views how this write up proves to be helpful & suggestions too where we lack.