How to Engage Visitors – Website Copywriting Secrets

Are you stuck to write thought provoking content for your website? And, want to get more reach and engagement then here, we gathered engaging website copywriting secret.

Writing a content for your website for advertising purpose is copywriting. The purpose of website copywriting is to engage the visitor and showcase your sales pitch.

Copywriting is not all about choosing the attractive words to grab the buyer’s attraction but it is more than words.

Let’s talk about website copywriting rules that needs to follow before writing a copy.

  • If visitor comes from social media post or e-mail, then provide the same information as mentioned in the posts/e-mails.
  • Visitor comes from a search engine, then the first impression of your website should be captivating.
  • Provide desired information and showcase the sales pitch.
  • The idea is to write the content which hits directly.  The content you are writing should be simple and communicate directly.

For example, If the tag line is we make customized painting in two days. Then it should write as get YOUR customized painting in two days.

Let’s discover the more engaging copywriting secrets.

Add Tags

     Usually audience spending time on social media but, if they   are visiting a website they intend to have possible clear vision to find something. But they don’t have extra time to see all the content so, It’s better to provide tags to reach directly to your blogs/articles page.

Plan your Content Strategy

Every business and startups needs content strategy. Content strategy is produce to understand and resolve your audience concerns. Irrelevant content gives bad impression with no engagements. So, it’s better that you should know what is your audience want? What are their weaknesses? How to give them more value? So they can pursue you. Draft your strategy according to your audience need.

Be friendly with Your Audience

When you want more engagements on the website content then you should know your audience that from where and how are they reaching at your website? There are some tools that provide you particular details about copywriting like google Analytics.

Compare your Brand

Your idea and approach made you different. So, compare your brand with other brands and pointing out the more benefits you are offering to your audience.
Eventually, Audience will definitely choose the best with maximum option according to their need.

Attractive Landing Page / Compelling Landing Page:

Landing page is the first place that gives impact to the audience. Crafting a landing page with potential headline, brief with key points. Write structured sentences with clarity and empathy. Add Value in your content with testimonials and call to action.


The first thing reader would attract is headline and the whole thing depends on it. The more appealing headline it is, the more they spend time on the website.

  • Simple:The headline should be simple, clear and does not have hidden context. It shows a clear picture of the product.
  • Sympathy: keep in mind your audience need and offer them solution your copy.
  • Relevant Content: Your headline should be relevant to your content. Irrelevant headline or content will not help you to increase engagements.

Communicate in their language

It is very important to build a relationship with your customer. Write a copy in their language with most simple words and according to their desires and thought. Usage of technical words in your copy makes it complicated. The simple and easy language we use in copy, the more they understand and act.

Add Conversion Words

Provide more value about the product, give them offers/ discounts. Customer always seek some extra in the form of discounts, offers, free bundle/package. These are part of conversions so, try to use the conversion words that lead them to engage more on the website.

For example; offer, free, discount, join etc.

Create Ideas

Your idea makes you different. Create your idea and implement it. Avoid copying content. Your original idea gives more engagement and helps you to become talk of the town.

Highlight the Benefits

One of the most important point of copywriting is to highlight the characteristics and benefits of the product. Describe more information as well as uses and benefits of the product. It helped them to decide easily.

Remove their Concern

In your copy talk about their concerns and try to resolve them. Convincing them to read more about the product shows the eliminating all their concerns about the product. Addressed their concern, explain about the product/ service and resolve their issues.

Be Real

Write true and original content. Be loyal to your audience and talk more in facts and figures. It is impactful and saves you from doubts.

Honest relationship leads to long term relationship which can never be break.


Reviews, feedback, testimonials play very important role in engaging website.  Always ask your customers for their reviews and suggestion. This can build good relation also you will find more helpful suggestions.

Add testimonials on your website shows good picture of the product.


Tell your story to your readers. It differentiates your brand to other.

Writing a relatable and emotional story increases the customer’s interest to find more about. A brand story gives two benefits. First it differentiates your brand with other competitors. Also it gives a memorable story related to your brand which lead to deeper customer relationship.

Call to Action

The last but not the least action that is highly required in copywriting is call to action. Without call to action your overall copy is incomplete and has not point. If you don’t give call to action your buyer will get confused and have to think that what to do next? Or Why did I read that?

One of the best call to action is that you offer them something useful valuable. For example, free guide, or discount or offer.

Another call to action comprises a verb that requires an instant action to take. Like, sign up now, download or join etc.

The main focus is to take any action that is beneficial to the buyer. Content should show that the prospect is more interested to help and provide value than selling their pitch.

Final Words:

The above guide revealing some of the important components of copywriting. Every business is different so, always utilize your own idea to create unique content that let the customers to pursue.

The general idea about copywriting is to sell through your words but it requires a lot of practice, techniques, fundamentals, proofs, desire and wants.

If you want to write engaging content then create ideas, implement on it, more practice, analyze your audience, help them and solve their problems.