How to get USA Virtual Number From Outside USA (Local and Toll Free)

A virtual number is a mobile number which is not connected to one precise phone line or destination. Rather, the cloud is used as an entrance to direct calling by a virtual number. This enables you, without any need for extra expensive hardware, to forward, divert and pathway calls to any number or device of your choice from all over the world. A virtual phone number is ideal for enterprises with remote employees or companies that have an international client base that want a local number. Virtual numbers give customers access to their area code of preference for working telephone numbers. Many separate VoIP suppliers can give users access to the virtual number. Indeed, any number given by a non-traditional service provider company is considered to be a virtual number. Virtual numbers are not related to a physical location unlike traditional phone numbers. This is one of the main differences between traditional and virtual telephone numbers. Providers of virtual telephone numbers enable users to get new numbers that can be used on their cell phone or firm line. Following are some best virtual number providers to help you get a USA virtual number. 


Grasshopper offers business owners with high quality telephone functionalities without having to insert machinery in their office, home and mobile phone. For an incredibly low basic cost Grasshopper offers users unlimited calling, call forwarding and an automated assistant.. This is ideal for remote employees and business owners who must be in touch with customers and clients. Grasshopper has a free trial lasting 7 days. 

Grasshopper’s three service plans are reasonably priced. The solo plan includes one business telephone number and three extensions for $29 a month. Three business figures and six extensions are available for the Partner Plan. Clients are charged $49 a month for the Partner Plan. Finally, Grasshopper’s Small Business Plan contains 5 numbers, and the number of user plugins is not limited. The plan costs $89 per month for a small business. 

No other equipment other than the cell phone or customer’s fixed line is required for Grasshopper services. The user experience is easily understandable and allows users to access different configuration options via separate tabs. Users can select a local or toll-free number and will be provided with call routing extensions. The Grasshopper homepage warns customers of any calls they may have missed. 

Grasshopper provides call management solutions including call transmission and forwarding, call blocking, and other customizable features. A call screening function enables the customers to hear each caller’s name and phone number prior to choosing which call to answer. All incoming calls are answered by the automatic attendant Grasshopper before the calls are sent to a person or department the customer is attempting to reach. You may route these telephone calls to a telephone number. This applies whether the business owner uses a fixed, mobile or other business telephone service.

Google Voice 

Google Voice provides fundamental, free virtual telephone services. Google Voice services can also be used for business calls and voicemails on all mobile and fixed telephones. Google’s telephone services offer voicemail, call screening and call blocking capabilities. Several other additional features with Google Voice are still not accessible but the service is excellent for companies who just need core things. Google voice does not have a self-service participant who welcomes callers and routes calls to their intended place. The service provides a screening feature, however, requiring callers to state their names before a Google Voice user phone starts ringing.

Google Voice offers a second number without a monthly fee to all people who have to detach their business calls. Most U.S. and Canadian calls are free of charge. The price of calling certain non-free US numbers and international telephone numbers starts one pound a minute.  Google Voice is most probably the most convenient for all suppliers of virtual phone numbers. In a matter of a few minutes you can add housing, mobile, and work phones. When the telephones are connected, any phone selected by the user can receive calls and SMS messages. Upon receipt of messages, users can also use their telephone or web interface. Google Voice will immediately translate voicemails and send user messages via SMS and email.

For vanity telephone number suppliers, takes the highest honour. In addition to the options of pay per minute and unlimited call schemes the company provides customers with automatic attendance. is ideal for users wanting a custom number that’s easy to recognize for customers and employees. offers a fully personalized automated service provider for users of their voice number service. Unlimited extensions, fax and text services and voicemails to e-mail capabilities are also available to customers. 

For users that opt for corporations who pay for services, the retail prices timeline for is from $12,99 to $39,99.. For every user extension consumers who pick an unlimited plan will pay $22.99 to $27.99. The platform is 100% independent and ready to use when registration is complete. Only some couple clicks are needed to initiate the features of the portal and any additional adapters or equipment can be bought directly from, as the requirements and type of the company increase. provides telephone, email and live chat support facilities. This assistance is nevertheless not needed 24/7. Consumers must also pay additional features for CRM integration and call conferencing. These additional services are offered for no extra cost to users by other virtual telephone number providers. The auto attending feature comes with the ability to control interactive voicing responses by pressing a button. The auto attending company can also be programmed with customized messages, voice and music salutations, and a directory to find the caller’s name. 


Nextiva offers unrestricted home calls and various service plans to users of its virtual telephone numbers. Nextiva is a great option for businessmen working alone and investors of small businesses that require a virtual telephone number at a cost that can be bought from a whole business telephone system. The configuration process for Nextiva is concise and basic. The interface isn’t hard to use, however some younger subscribers can be a little ambiguous. The problems of call forwarding are easy to deal with, but the process of adapting greetings and business hours is a bit difficult.

Nextiva’s three pricing plans start with its Office Pro plan, which users can access for a minimum of USD 19.95 a month. The company’s Office Pro Plus alternative starts at $20.95 per month, and Nextiva’s Office Enterprise Plan costs just $27.95 per month. Nextiva’s Office Pro plan offers clients local or free business numbers, the ability to email voicemail, endless call plans, fax capabilities and music to listen to callers on stand-by. Small businesses pay up to $34.95 a month but the price for businesses with many users can be substantially lower. Only $19.95 is paid by companies with 100 users or more.

Subscribers from Office Pro Plus have professional greetings, access to Nextiva mobile apps and calling conferences. This service is priced between $20.95 for smaller businesses and $37.95 paid for by Nextiva’s leading companies. The Office Plus strategy is wonderful for participants who require the possibility to use their virtual telephone number for conference calls and call management. Three expertly recorded introductions for callers are provided to users of the Office Enterprise plan. Depending on the size of the company, the cost of the plan is $27.95 to $44.95. 

Virtual telephone numbers are an outstanding means of keeping your personal texts and telephone calls separate from your business texts. Functions like automatic attendances, voice mail and fax are provided in the numbers. These functionalities are beneficial to the contractor who must manage a business to preserve office duties without the support of his staff. A virtual telephone number also gives small businesses a little legitimacy.