8 Best Face Recognition Application For Android and IOS

Over the last decade we have seen an enormous amount of pioneering business and corporate developments. The growth of mobile apps for corporate management, shopping and reservations for biometric scanners inserted in smartphones and other devices demonstrates that technological evolution is not only the future. Face recognition technology not only enhances cyber security, but also helps law enforcement authorities bring criminals before the courts. Your face features identically closely mimic fingerprints, which are individually unique. The application is capable of identifying a person in an audience through recognizing the unique differences in people’s faces. On smartphones, it’s a safety feature that enables users to use face recognition to access their phones. Furthermore, entertainment applications such as Snapchat filters also use facial recognition software to foresee the years ahead. Other areas in which facial recognition is crucial are the medical sector, cosmetics industry and the banking system.  We have taken time to list those names that exceed the competition with the enthusiasm over many facial recognition apps available. Check out the top year’s apps for recognition.

1. Blippar


The charm of facial recognition is that it’s not only a safety identifier of your face. As an AR-based facial recognition app, for example, Blippar can recognize over 370,000 famous faces in order to find their lives, work and other details quickly. Blippar declares the Facial Recognition feature Public Figure. The ‘Halos’ function is a further use of the application’s face recognition. It allows users to create and use their AR facial profiles to communicate their attitude and moments with followers or customize their characteristics to look like famous people. Blippar works on the basis of artificial technology called Deep Learning Computer Vision. It acknowledges appropriate real images and objects with a smartphone camera.

2. Face2Gene


Face2Gene is a healthcare app from Boston-based FDNA, an American manufacturer of artificial intelligence. The application uses face recognition to help physicians carry out accurate and detailed genetic assessments. When implemented appropriately, the app can become the best face reconnaissance application in the area of health for Android and iOS users. The application uses deep learning algorithms depending on the signs of a disorder. These designs are based on computer-based classifiers that are specific to the syndrome. The patient’s scanned photo will be transformed into misidentified facial signifiers that are subsequently contrasted with syndrome signals to determine resemblances with similarly corresponding syndromes. Face2Gene is freely available on Android and iOS, as well as PC and Mac operations.

3. AppLock


AppLock is an application that enables customers to access only their personal data, social media apps and financial accounts. AppLock is among the best recognition software applications for face recognition. This is not only used for the recognition of smartphone faces, but also for safety speech recognition. As your name implies, the face and the voice are passwords that can unlock apps biometrically. Android face face detection, AppLock, enables its users to lock and unlock applications through the free software for facial recognition and voice recognition. As a confidentiality tool, App Lock can help you conceal your personal data, data, social media applications, financial apps, medical apps or any other app you would like to hide.

4. FaceFirst


FaceFirst is a famous preference for the classification of face recognition applications in the law enforcement and military sector that almost immediately works to help match personnel photos against their databases in the domain. This Face Recognition app helps identify people who can help law enforcement officers improve the security of the community while ensuring that they do not commit false arrests. You can customize your smile to be as wide or narrow as you would like and add or remove teeth. The colour of your hair and hairstyle can alter. The app could help you to decide which colour is most suitable for you if you were thinking about changing your hair. 

5. LogMe


LogMe Facial Scanning is a face detection search engine application. Resemblance and altitude are used in a picture to recognize the faces. To use LogMe, you simply upload a photo in the app and compare it with other photos uploaded by users in the LogMe app to obtain information regarding the faces of the photo. You can navigate and search the face which is identified by the app as being similar and near your upload range. It is a patterned system that you won’t find in a free face recognition software. So you can download this unique app if you’re looking for a free face recognition app.

6. Luxand


With a broad variety of applications, Luxand has become one of the finest facial recognition mobile app in the world You can use Luxand to save the faces in your app’s memory, and to add names to the identities, so that when you remember the name of anyone, you can use this app as a gallery. If you are a person who meets many people, you could use app. Furthermore, Luxand’s FaceSDK makes it the perfect biometric identification and surveillance application. It can also forecast the gender and age with its ability to recognize faces from a video and make it a systematic tool for profile identification. For such a reason Luxand is being used for its security and monitoring by some of the world’s largest organizations. You can however play with Luxand features that allow you to explore with colour of your hair, piercing and face shape, among other AR features. 

7. FacePhi


The use of mobile banking is increasing and it is vitally important to increase smartphone safety. FacePhi is devoted to the finance industry and enables banks to recognize their clients with an additional degree of safety. The application for face recognition works underneath an algorithm that requests users to receive different personal data during enrolment. The character traits of their unique facial designs are also recorded. Consequently the app asks for an username and password and a facial identification after registration, when users log in. The specifics are compared to the information in the system before the use of other banking services is allowed by the user. 

8. MojiPop


MojiPop is created by Eureka Studios, located in the UK, with unrestricted facial recognition technology, which provides its users with personalized avatars. It features a variety of fun animated stickers that users can choose from their engaging touchscreen based on their emotions and thoughts. The platform claims that new emoji are released every day. The process is very simple. You give a selfie and generate a customized avatar once you download the app. The app offers dozens and dozens of functionalities, like hairstyles, expressions, backgrounds and feelings, for which your avatar can be adapted. It is also available for a diversified user base in 58 languages. The application is free for its iOS and Android users in both the App Store and Google Play. 

The technological advances of face recognition will remain here and will only move forward and higher. Only few of them have an opportunity to stay in the top with so many applications frequently updated on both Google Play and Apple Store. This article will help determine the best applications on your mobile phones you can experiment with.