In modern world, mobile phone becomes a necessity as well as a symbol of fashion. With the rising scope of communication technology, mobile phone becomes the most famous gadget that can remove the distances between loved ones quite easily by letting them talk to each other. Moreover, we all are fond of using mobile phones in our daily life because it offer us a lot of ways to enjoy, to communicate and to know more about the outer world. However, still the query is whether use of mobile is a necessity or also a mark of fashion in contemporary era?

Mobile Phones – A Basic Necessity?

There are various features that make mobile phone a major necessity of our life, especially if you are far away from your loved ones, this gadget will remove all the distances. Moreover, if you are traveling aboard or going on vacations; you can capture pictures on your phone by using phone camera. You can also hear your favorite music and can watch videos on your mobile phone anywhere. The best thing about mobile phone is that it is free of any wires. Moreover, by using GPRs and internet on your phone; you can enjoy video calls with your loved ones anywhere around the world. You can also search latest information on your phone by accessing Google or any other search engine. Especially, students can keep themselves connected with outer world with the help of mobile phone like, you can get information about current affairs, latest inventions and much more. In simple words, your mobile phone is the little laptop on which you can explore the world while sitting at home.

Mobile Phones – A Symbol of Fashion?

On the other hand, it would not be wrong to say that mobile phone has also become a symbol of fashion. The young generation has made this gadget a style proclamation for themselves. A recent survey has shown that more than 80% students from grade 7th to 10th have their personal phones. Obviously, this is not the right age for a child to have a personal phone. This is an old proverb that things give benefits also have drawbacks in them. However, youth believe to have expensive Smartphones make their personality elite and modern that is something hazardous. The last but not the least; modern people believe that just like costly attires, expensive Smartphones add fascination to their personality that is ruining the simplicity of life.

The Bottom Line

You can have a mobile phone because it gives you the opportunity to stay connected with your loves ones, but make sure not to use it in a wrong way. Obviously, your ways of using it matters a lot. However, this is not compulsory to have the most expensive phone in your pocket, prefer the one having amazing features but available in affordable price. Don’t make it a fashion statement.