How to Connect Two Routers Properly

How to Connect Two Routers Properly

What are routers?

 A router is a device that uses internet connection and forwards data packets in a convenient way from one device to another smoothly without any difficulty. It is generally connected to two or more data lines from different IP networks for available functions. The primary part of the router is to read the given data correctly and clear the traffic of the path and decide the destination. It works in a millisecond. The sender sends the data or data packets, but in the way, they may get nonaligned as it may be possible that the third data packet is first then the first data packet. But the receiver will get the data or data packets chronologically. There will be no confusion. The most convenient routers are the home routers which we generally use and the small office routers, which are helpful for the office purpose and the employers. The most sophisticated routers are the enterprise router which is usually connected to an extensive internet for business purposes and works at high speed and optical fiber. Therefore, it works smoothly and also provides data at a faster rate. 

Why should we use routers?

It is essential to know the importance of routers and make us updated. Therefore, the following are the points for which we may use routers and make us smarter. 

  • The router dispatches data smoothly and chooses the best route to get the data faster without any difficulties. 
  • It protects valuable information and maintains proper security. It helps to provide adequate cybersecurity, and therefore we can share our helpful information without any stress. 
  • It is effortless to use
  • It takes less amount of time to transfer the data. 

How to connect two routers?

Now, we are well aware of the term called ‘Router’ and its necessity. Therefore, there are mainly two methods to connect two routers. 

The first one is using cables or Ethernet. To follow this method, one must choose a primary router. If you choose the newest and mainly featured router as a base router, this may be very comfortable to use. Then select the secondary router, and here, if you choose an old router, that will be as convenient as the new one. Place them near your computer for fast access, and later you may set them up according to the permanent locations. Then you have to decide to have a LAN TO LAN connection or LAN TO WAN connection. The first one allows you to share the files or networks among the computers or smartphones, whereas the second one doesn’t let you do so. Then connect the main router to the modem via an Ethernet cable, connect the company with another router via another thread. Then enter the IP address, which may have different settings in different models. Also, refer to this article to know about time warner router login

In that case, you may consult the manual. Change the DHCP settings and set the primary routers, and disconnect the computer from the router. Then disconnect the first one and connect with the second one. For this, you must open a router’s page and change the IP address. Also, ensure that the subnet mask number matches with the primary router. Disable the UPnP address from the second router. Configure the DHCP server. If LAN to LAN, then turn off the DHCP in the secondary router, and if LAN to WAN, then the address must be between and and then change the wireless channel according to the primary router and secondary router. Then place your routers and make sure that the Ethernet cable runs between two routers. And you may place them near the modem. Finally, connect them with end-to-end cables. 

The second one is the wireless router. First, make sure that it is compatible because it is wireless and doesn’t set up within the primary router’s network. The second one must have bridge or repeater mode to set a separate wireless router within the primary router, which you may know from routers documentation. Then place them near the computer for access. Then perform the initial router setup by connecting the main one with a router via an Ethernet cable and the computer with a different one. And configure the router where you have to enter the router’s IP address, and the setups may vary because of the models. Open the configuration page and click on the wireless setup page. Enable the bridge mode from network mode or wireless mode, or connection mode. Then click on the bridge or repeater option. You will specify the secondary router’s IP address. You shall provide a unique name and make sure it must be WPA2 and shares the same password. At last, place them around the primary router where it may have 50 % signal and acquire a strong connection.