Top Payment Gateway for Ecommerce Websites and Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the tagline of the ecommerce industry at the moment. Economies that are free of cash are now widespread. Let’s say you’ve found an e-commerce shop with a clear intention to purchase something. The product is inserted into your cart and check-out is performed. In order to do this, you will need to have a payment pass to pay for it. All transactions in the store are covered by an ecommerce payment gateway. You just need to enter the credit card details on the payment gateway and start buying things in your cart. After some items are purchased and debit card details are inserted, the payment gateway deducts the amount from your credit card and sends the amount to their bank account. Because most merchants will not choose cash on delivery because of a number of reasons and restrictions, integration and payment via debit and credit cards are the best options. That is why we gathered the best e-commerce payment gates to integrate into the store. Regardless of which payment option is selected from the list, your store will benefit from great services. However, in order of popularity and convenience we nevertheless list them.


PayPal would be a no introduction required name. It is not just one of the most famous gates for online payment, but also one of the safest and most trustworthy. It is accepted by hundreds of thousands of brands and is used in nearly every country around the world. It is available free of charge for consumers and both for stores and applications. You can receive credit card rewards and access flexible options for payment like credit for PayPal. The check-out is convenient and configurable, making it easy for clients. All the major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Citibank and more, are supported. You need to have a business PayPal account to initiate Dropshipping. However, if the shop owners use PayPal for credit card payments, they must pay a transaction fee of 3.4% $0.30 USD. Additionally, the set-up, the gate or even monthly charges are not included.


Stripe may be a new payment gateway for ecommerce, but has rapidly grown to the top of every database. It is appropriate for those who like to operate an ecommerce store, an on-demand subscription service, or a crowdfunding project. Over hundreds of the world’s leading tech companies are planning to build their industry around Stripe quickly and efficiently. Each payment made on this plugin shows how easy and safe it is. You can connect with new audiences, test new strategies and maximize renovations by means of their well-maintained APIs. The APIs also help to adapt your workflow so you provide a positive user experience to the customers. All major credit cards are supported. However, it is used mainly in Canada, Australia and the UK. It also offers integration with WooCommerce. Stripe can also handle large transaction volumes of companies. Presently Stripe’s processing charges per transaction are 2.9 and $0.30.


For over twenty years, has its benefits and has become one of the most wanted transaction gates for the lot. It encompasses a variety of payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, etc. To use this plugin, you wouldn’t need any SSL or PCI Certificates. The platform receives payments from electronic checks and credit cards on websites and instantly transfers cash into your bank account, consequently saving small and mid-size enterprises time and money. is the best option for Ecommerce stores and shopping carts like osCommerce, according to professionals. It’s no surprise that this payment gateway in the field of e-commerce is one of the most admired. Presently, can be found in more than 33 countries. This is one of the oldest and most believed credit card users payment gateways. It also has several extensions to easily integrate with WooCommerce shops. Also the lower fees for ecommerce and dropshipping are $0.30 or €2.90 + $0.30.

Amazon Payments

If you’re an Amazon seller who wants a good agreement, that would be the only way of paying for you online. It is winning because it is quick, easy to use and trustworthy. There are two payment packs: Pay With Amazon for the trader and Login And Pay for the investor. With Pay With Amazon, traders can significantly enhance their conversion rates as the checkout process gets faster. This reduces the abandonment of carts and increases the loyalty of shoppers. The worldwide 300+ million customer accounts from Amazon make this a payment gateway option very appealing. Currently Amazon Pay charges $0.30 per transaction for 2.9 per cent for domestic transactions. 


SecurePay was designed in 1997 and offers, among many more, easy and convenient shopping carts, electronic checking services and credit cards and mobile payments. Traders can carry out safe transactions anywhere in the world. It also allows mobile transactions for EMV and APPLE Pay. SecurePay cooperates with a number of online cart providers where new high-demand carts can be integrated. It is the free shopping cart solution for merchants looking for an affordable way to link the SecurePay virtual payment gateway on their merchant site. Store owners can record the data of a buyer via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). All transaction data is contained in the PCI-certified data protection of SecurePay. Transactions can be initiated by tokens without direct access to information from the cardholder. This amazing feature allows companies to view their offices in a dashboard and 360 degree. SecurePay Insights also allows traders to evaluate current sales, brand visibility and social media activity with current and past efficiency in their location to competing companies. 

Payline Data

Payline data is an important part of our online payment gateway list. The role of this plugin is to provide its customers with a seamless and simple payment experience. When it comes to collaborating with a payment provider, the Payline helps eliminate the complexities. This plugin offers products and prices that meet your company’s needs. This provides ecommerce and applications with an integrated payment portal with both an easy to integrate security and fraud protection in any payment experience. This plugin will certainly keep your payments secure against fraudulent threats with services such as Verifi, Ethoca and iSpyFraud.  These methods optimize payments and reduce your costs, making your payments easier and more efficient. It has billing for subscription. This feature is free with the gate and is perfect for companies that offer regularly delivered subscriptions, products and services. 


FONDY is a payment platform that provides Internet purchasing as its principal function. This means that online payments are processed via internet-connected websites, mobile applications and other devices. FONDY also provides cloud-based white-label alternatives for the acquisition and payment services of banks, IPSPs and processing centers. Developers support Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro cards from all countries as well as a number of other payment methods, like PayPal, SEPA, Swift, online banking, restricted payouts, credit payment and direct debit with a range of European banks.

Payment gateways are an important part of any e-commerce business i. However it’s a challenge to find the correct one. So try out the one that works best across alternative payment gates. By knowing more about the price, function and gateway security, your enterprise is able to choose the right option for the business needs and to provide customers with a new level of security and peace of mind when making an online purchase. Now that you know the top e-commerce payment gates, you can help your customers reach you better and offer them a quicker and easier means of paying for what your online store sells.