Instagram Monthly Users Reaches to 500M in just 2 Years

We are living in a world full of individuals from different race, class, language, countries and religion. However, recently Instagram has broken all these barriers and hit a major milestone. In the past two years, the users of Instagram have reached to 500 million and that is something huge. The majority of Instagram fans have been recorded belong to Japan, Germany, France and Indonesia. In September 2015, Instagram added last 100 million users that is a big hit in the world of social media.

The 80% of Instagram viewers are from US, up from 75% in September, demonstrating the ubiquity of lovely photos that cross all the language hindrances. There are still 100 million in the United States that charge high rates for advertisements delivered through new video units and Facebook’s Ads API.Yet, maybe the most vital stat is that Instagram now has 300 million daily users,  demonstrating it’s turned into a super hit social platform, not something individuals just at times check.

The successful social platform Instagram has also crossed the fan limit of Twitter users at the end of 2014, and achieved 320 million monthly users. Instagram is likewise now twice as large as Snapchat, which is making its own particular claims to publicists. Showcasing its twofold day by day scope may have impelled Instagram to share this figure. One concerning truth amongst this festivity: Instagram’s per day images shared has backed off. At 300 million monthly it saw around 70 million pictures for each day. At 400 million monthly it had 80 million a day. Also, now at 500 million monthly, it only gets 95 million every day. It could mean that users are rapidly moving sharing to Snapchat, or being more watchful relation to their Friends’ Insta feeds.

The interesting stuff on Instagram related to food and sports have also played an important role.

At the point, when asked how Instagram achieved such a grand success, the company has said that it’s working truly awesome in some foreign countries, and has become amazing tool at connecting fresh and old users with interests such as traveling, sports through search button. The officials additionally complemented to Mark Zuckerberg, “Thank you for your creativeness, your sincerity and your passion for imparting your wisdom with others in the form of such applications. We are desperately waiting to see what you make next.”

This is the time, when Instagram needs to become a flawless and serious business. Few years back, it declares about an advertising partner program, increasing video ads to 60 seconds, start displaying video view counts, create calls to action button and presented Video carousel ads. Recently, the launch of official business profiles with analytics also made this platform renowned and useful for people living all across the globe.

The query going ahead will be whether Instagram’s ascertained move to an algorithmically sorted feed will make the services more appealing, or collapse the continuous. Snapchat may be the spot for spontaneous sharing you won’t think about tomorrow, and Facebook may overwhelm messaging. However, Instagram has turned into the perpetual online presence of the coming generation.