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iPhone 7 will possibly have big camera changes

The rumors are that iPhone 7 will come up with something new, but wait! There will be no change in the unibody design. This is most expected that iPhone 7 will most probably have big camera changes. According to the leaks from the shadiest tech blogs to a reputable publications like the Wall Street Journal, the iPhone 7 will be a new advancement in the world of technology in the form of cleaner antenna lines. From last few months, the rumor mill has concentrated on the iPhone 7 discarding the 3.5mm earphone jack. In any case, the reason Apple might expel the obnoxiousantenna lines that run horizontally on the back might be linked with enormous camera enhancements.

The leaked images from the main source Nowhereelse.fr, have uncovered about all the expected changes in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. A bigger camera cutout could mean any number of huge imaging changes are expected. The leaked pictures authenticate numerous rumors and reports on the cleaner antenna lines and the double back camera setup that will allegedly be exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus.

If this is true, the back camera on the normal iPhone 7 will have a bigger rear camera. A bigger cutout could likewise mean any number of changes are coming. A greater camera sensor for better low-light execution? Optical picture adjustment? More megapixels? Dual phase self-adjusting just like on the Samsung Galaxy S7?

Also, what’s happening with the iPhone 7 Plus dual cameras? Is Apple get ready for a noteworthy zoom upgrade, similar to what LG has on its lead G5, where one camera is a customary edge lens and the second camera is an ultra-wide angle lens? Then again will it take a tactic like Huawei’s P9, which utilizes two cameras to make a solitary sharp picture? Or possibly there is something totally new?

These are few queries we don’t have answers to yet and likely won’t know until Apple declares the new iPhones. However, it is expected that the new iPhone will come with faster and more proficient Apple processors, iOS 10, bigger batteries and possibly a touch-delicate home button that is something interesting.

According to another report, Apple may jettison the Space Gray model colorway and exchange it with a dark blue. Apple will declare the following iPhones this fall, most probably in the month of September. Well, the wait is almost over because half of the summer season has already been passed.