Lionel-Messi-handed Prison- for-Tax-Fraud

Lionel Messi handed Prison sentence for Tax Fraud

Megastar Lionel Messi, who is one of the best football players, was attempting his father, Jorge after deceiving tax authority of Spain around 4.1m euros. Media has reported the time period of defrauding from 2007-09. Amid the trial, prosecutors claimed tax havens in Belize and Uruguay were utilized to cover enormous income from his profitable image rights. The Spanish court also claimed the same sentence to the father of Messi, Jorge Horacio with a fine of 1.5 million euro. Messi and his father stated that they will take the help of the Supreme Court. According to the Lawyer of Messi:

“The condemnation is not right and we are quite confident the appeal to the Supreme Court will proof the defence was right.”

The lawyer also said that Messi is an honest and realistic person and cannot commit such thing. On the other hand, Messi himself said that he was all the time busy in “playing football”, he is unaware of all the financial matters. He just signed the documents without even give it a look. Lionel Messi, among the world’s most notable and highest-earning player, was blamed for making a string of fake organizations in Belize and Uruguay to maintain a strategic distance from tax collection of €4.16m (£3.2m) of picture rights income.

Messi, who took a gap from Argentina’s preparation to get ready for the Copa America tournament going to be held this summer, claimed that he was playing football. His concentration was on his practice. He had no idea that what is happening with him. He also said that he completely trust his father and lawyer. Both father and son faced a big fine, but they said they will appeal the Supreme Court because they are innocent. Messi said that he signed the documents but he does not know what was in those papers. On the other hand, according to his father; the financial adviser was taking care of all the matters. He also said that Messi don’t know any details about the contracts because it is not compulsory to tell each and everything to him. Anyhow, nothing is clearyet, but hopefully this matter will be cleared when they both will appeal the Supreme Court of Spain.