List of Top 10 and 10 Worst Airlines in The World

Flying is a true privilege, a method to travel that was reserved for the upper crust. According to the most recent figures, 4.4 billion travelers are jet-setting throughout the planet in the modern era. With today’s large number of regular passengers, you may discover glowing or scathing evaluations for any airline and for any cause. It’s difficult to know what to believe and where to spend all of your trip points.

Airlines were evaluated in three categories: on-time performance, service quality, and claim processing by the business, which assists customers in obtaining reimbursement for flight delays. These grades were added together to get a ten-point score. Here are the top ten most best relaxing rides, as well as the top ten most worst  


1. American Airlines 

The leading airline in the United States is tied for second place with two other airlines. Wi-Fi is available on nearly all domestic flights in the United States, and you can use it to stream movies and TV shows to your phone, tablet, or laptop for free. On certain flights, you can even watch live television, which will keep boredom at away for hours.

2. Qatar Airways 

Air Help isn’t the only one who thinks Qatar Airways is the greatest way to fly. This five-star airline, according to Skytrax Ratings, a quality adviser for the airline industry, offers outstanding everything: from airport services to on-board items to cabin crew service.

3. Aeromexico

Aeromexico, a Delta partner, stands out for its well-balanced in-flight meal and beverage selections chosen by foreign chefs. Some of the most recent movies and TV series are available for viewing on board.

4. Qantas

Qantas is the world’s second-oldest airline, having been founded in 1920. This firm, despite its age, is looking to the future. Qantas chose Airbus, but is yet to decide when the world’s longest commercial trip will take off. Qantas currently has a fully stocked self-serve food and beverage bar on its long-haul flights, which is one of the many reasons the airline has such a high service quality rating.

5. Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) 

SAS is named among the top airlines in the world, which is a testament to the airline’s excellence. The firm received good scores for timeliness and service quality, as well as even better values for claim processing, earning a total of 9 out of 10 points.

6. LATAM Airlines 

LATAM is Latin America’s largest airline, founded in the early 2010s when Chile’s LAN and Brazil’s TAM merged. The plane is spotless, the pilot and crew are friendly, and the cuisine is superior to airline fare.

 7. WestJet

WestJet is clearly trying to leave a lasting impression on its passengers. Since 2012, WestJet has produced endearing Christmas films that have touched tens of millions of people’s hearts. WestJet is a top performer in each of the three Air Help categories, with claim processing taking the top spot. It provides the greatest customer service (on and off the plane).

8. Luxair

At its major airport in Luxembourg, this premium airline faces stiff competition from low-cost rivals, so it’s focusing on putting its passengers first and providing a good experience. Luxair promises nervous passengers anti-stress courses, a computerized chatbot helper dubbed Bobby, and a $259 student rate for round-trip trips. Economy Class catering is excellent, with hot meals prepared with high-quality ingredients and a big selection of complimentary beverages (soft drinks, beer, local champagne, cognac, campari, and many more).

9. Austrian Airlines 

Austrian Airlines is attempting to make travel more convenient. To make it easier for visitors to move around, the business has collaborated with the Vienna Card, the city’s official tourist card. This airline did exceptionally well this year, especially in terms of service quality and claim handling.

10. Emirates

Emirates provide a wide array of benefits to its high-paying clients. Business and first-class passengers receive complimentary chauffeur service to and from the airport, as well as access to posh lounges with cigar and wine bars. You may order a multi-course lunch in any class while watching one of 4,500 movies, TV programs, music, or games.


1. Thomas Cook Airlines 

The long history of this firm ended in tragedy. In 2007, Thomas Cook Group merged with MyTravel, which was doomed from the start. It amassed a $2 billion debt load, impeding its ability to respond to internet travel service competition.

In September of this year, Thomas Cook went bankrupt. Nearly 600,000 people were stuck as a result of the unexpected repercussions, with travellers arriving at airports only to be told their flights were canceled.

2. EasyJet

EasyJet, which was founded in London in 1995, has been named one of the top ten safest airlines in the world. However, because safety isn’t a concern on AirHelp’s ranking, easyJet is ranked as the world’s second-worst airline. The airline earned a good rating for service but a terrible rating for claims processing, implying that you won’t be getting reimbursement for your lost luggage anytime soon.

3. Korean Airlines 

Korean Air has experienced media frenzy in recent years. The iconic 2014 nut rage episode was only the beginning. Despite the controversies, Korean Air receives a high rating for service quality from AirHelp. It got barely a passing score for timeliness and a dismal rating for claim handling.

4. Kuwait Airways

This state-owned firm, which was founded in 1954, has suffered in recent years.  Hundreds of millions of dollars in losses forced the government to approve the airline’s privatization. Kuwait Airways, according to AirHelp, provides decent service but falls short when it comes to timeliness and claim processing.

5. Ryanair

After a temporary loss to Lufthansa in 2018, Ryanair has recovered its status as Europe’s largest airline by passenger carried. For some of the airlines on the list, bigger was better, but not for Ryanair. It got good scores for on-time performance and service quality, but not so much for claim processing.

6. Norwegian

According to AirHelp, Norway’s largest airline provides adequate service and delivers customers to their destinations on schedule. Norwegian receives a 3.5 out of 5 rating on TripAdvisor.

7. Laudamotion

Despite relatively good service ratings, Laudamotion’s total score was weighed down by poor on-time performance and claim processing ratings.

8. Transavia

Transavia’s good timeliness and service ratings couldn’t make up for its 3.9 out of 10 claim processing rating.

9. Argentina Airlines 

This Argentinian airline has acknowledged to neglecting customer service in favor of delivering customers to their destinations as quickly as possible. Aerolineas Argentinas claims that it is working to improve, but that it still has a long way to go. AirHelp awarded the firm good scores for overall service but a dismal 1.8 out of ten for claim processing, implying a lengthy wait for disgruntled consumers.

10. Adria Airways 

Adria Airways, based in Slovenia, filed into bankruptcy and suspended all operations at the end of September. Adria’s on-time performance and service got acceptable ratings, however AirHelp reported that their claim handling was lacking.