Top 10 Mobile Phone Brands in The World- Best Selling Smartphone

Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, and LG are among the top mobile brands, followed by ZTE, Realme, and Lenovo. Players with a significant worldwide presence make up the top global mobile phone brands. Customers may pick from a wide choice of devices from the most popular mobile phone manufacturers. Consumers want high-resolution cameras, faster processing, a stylish look, design, new options, and style, among other things, and the top phone manufacturers and new growing mobile firms are capitalizing on these features to set themselves apart from their competition. The top ten mobile brands in the world in 2021 are shown below. 


Samsung electronics is a Korean corporation and a part of the Samsung group, with headquarters in Samsung town. Samsung Mobile is the market leader in the smartphone business, and it works to improve product capabilities all the time. Samsung is well-known for its Galaxy smartphone line. Samsung had a market share of almost 20%, making it one of the most popular mobile phone brands in the world.

  • Shipped Units (Millions): 260
  • Profit (millions of dollars): 22,847
  • 188,980 (in millions of dollars) in sales


Apple continues to hold the top spot in the smartphone business as the most popular brand. Apple has a big client base because it provides goods with superior design and functionality, and as a result, it has become a more aspirational brand for individuals all over the world. Apple has been able to keep its product quality high by using quick technical advancements and changing design methods. Apple is the world’s most popular mobile phone brand.

  • 190 million units shipped
  • Profit (millions of dollars): 48,351
  • 229,234 in sales (in millions of dollars)


Huawei, which was founded in 1987 and is located in China, is the world’s largest smartphone maker. Huawei has a worldwide footprint in over 170 countries and plans to establish and develop its own operating system, demonstrating its strong position in the mobile industry. HUAWEI has raised the bar for smartphone photography, allowing anybody to take professional-looking photos.

  • Shipped Units (Millions): 200
  • Profit (in millions of dollars): $10000
  • 122000 (in millions of dollars) in sales


Lenovo is a global Chinese corporation that is the world’s leading laptop producer. Lenovo was established in 1984 in China’s capital and joined the mobile sector in 2012. Lenovo has evolved to become one of the top global mobile firms, with a global presence in over 160 countries. Lenovo introduced the ZUK Z1 to offer a complete bundle of powerful performance and a user-friendly experience, and it runs on the Cyanogen operating system, which allows for user interface customization. Lenovo has upped the bar for its competitors by utilizing augmented reality and cutting-edge technologies. Lenovo is ranked 9th among the best mobile brands for 2021.

  • 40 million units shipped
  • Profit (in millions of dollars): 535
  • 43,035 (in millions of dollars) in sales


Realme is a Chinese smartphone brand that has a great global reputation among top mobile companies. It was founded in 2018. Realme is a popular smartphone brand in India. Vivo and Oppo are Realme’s siblings from the same BBK Company. Realme is ranked 10th among the best mobile brands for 2021. Realme also sells televisions, headphones, and smart watches.

  • Number of Units Shipped (in Millions): 35
  • Profit (in millions of dollars): $300 (Estimated)
  • Sales (in millions of dollars): $20,000 (Estimated)

6. ZTE

ZTE, a Chinese telecom equipment and mobile manufacturing business, is a prominent smartphone manufacturer. Apart from telecommunication and network equipment, ZTE is a global leader in the manufacture of smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. ZTE’s business is extended across 140 countries because to wide distribution and effective marketing. ZTE is one of the top worldwide mobile phone brands in the world, with such a strong presence and significant revenues.

  • Number of Units Shipped (in Millions): 45
  • 719 million dollars in profit
  • 17123 sales (in millions of dollars)

7. LG

LG is a South Korean tech company with a large global presence, having been founded in 1958. LG is one of the most popular and volume-driven mobile firms in the world, selling about sixty million devices each year. For improved low-light shooting, these smartphones offer advanced camera functions such as high-speed auto focus and noise removal. LG has not been able to compete as well as its other appliance competitors, such as Samsung.

  • Shipped Units (Millions): 55
  • Profit (in millions of dollars): 110
  • 46800 (in millions of dollars) in sales


BBK Electronics owns Vivo, a Chinese manufacturer of smartphones, smartphone accessories, software, and online services. This is the world’s fastest growing smartphone firm, with a strong worldwide reach and a diverse mobile portfolio. Vivo just released the V9 smartphone series, which looks a lot like Apple’s iPhone X. Vivo is the first Android manufacturer to release a smartphone with a notch display, comparable to Apple’s iPhone X, which has a full-view display with a notch on top. Vivo is ranked 6th among the best mobile phone brands.

  • 105 million units shipped
  • Profit (millions of dollars): 1125
  • 46484 sales (in millions of dollars)


BBK Electronics owns the Oppo mobile phone brand, which is located in China and is one of the most well-known new firms in the world. Oppo provides a wide range of smartphones, from low-cost models to high-end models aimed at rich customers. Oppo has risen to become one of the top mobile brands in the world thanks to aggressive marketing and branding, as well as high-quality products.

  • Number of Units Shipped (in Millions): 110
  • Profit (in millions of dollars): 1400
  • 60000 sales (in millions of dollars)


Xiaomi is one of the world’s fastest growing smartphone companies, producing smartphones, mobile apps, and laptops. Xiaomi has been able to establish brand value as a result of its commitment to technological innovation. Xiaomi is challenging with the world’s top global mobile brands, thanks to steady growth.

  • 135 million units shipped
  • Profit (millions of dollars): 1000
  • 17000 sales (in millions of dollars)