Mobile Addicts Prone To Depression, Anxiety

We are living in the world where imagining life without technology is quite difficult. In fact, modernized world is all about advancement and technological inventions. Just like other gadgets, mobile phone becomes a basic necessity of our life. We can keep ourselves aware of the outer world with the help of Smartphones. In past times, mobile phones were not as much advanced as they are now. However, just like benefits; there are various disadvantages of using mobile phones. A recent research has shown that people who excessively use their phones might have a higher risk of suffering from sadness and depression.

With the passing days, people prone to use smartphones more instead of spending time in reading good books, to go outside with their loved ones and to enjoy their personal space. However, a recent study has proved that using your mobile phone excessively can make you the patient of depression. According to doctors that extra use of phone can not only affect your mental health and eyesight, but can also become the reason of aggression and depression. A team of doctors from USA also claimed that excessive use of gadgets is the major reason behind increasing rate of mental illness.

The research also shows that use of the internet is too common in smartphones nowadays that is the main reason behind depression and anxiety among people. Obviously, overuse of anything can lead human beings towards destruction and depression. The study also reveals that the use of mobile phone is not only the reason of depression, but we become so habitual of using phones that we don’t bother to spend time with our loved ones. It also becomes the reason of breakups nowadays, so it is very important to change our perception. It is good to have the phone, but it is very important to use it in a limit.

The research uncovers that since Internet applications has turned out to be simply available attributable to Smartphones, youngsters use to spend their most of the time using their mobile phones. Scientists are presently concentrating how the youths are turning out to be progressively dependent on social platforms.

The Study found that individuals who expressed that they were appended to their Smartphones and internet will probably score higher on the unhappiness and apprehension scales. It demonstrates that individual who is more dependent on a smartphone will probably experience the ill effects of nervousness and despondency. In simple words, less use of mobile phone can protect us from various deadly issues like depression, aggression and anxiety.