Most Successful Technical Companies 2016

It would not be wrong to say that Asia has progressed a lot, when it comes to technology. However, still American Companies are dominant and considered as top world’s largest tech companies. If we talk about 2016, United States is on the top in tech companies ranking; including the most famous and expensive companies like Apple, Microsoft Company, Intel, IBM, Alphabet, Oracle and Cisco Systems.

Apple remains on the top, in fact; it is not only the largest tech company all across the globe but also the 9th largest company of the world. The main reason behind the progress of Apple is its growing customers and upgrading mobile phones.

In the month of April, Apple declared the very first drop fall in iPhone sales, some observers questioned if the company’s best days are behind it. Such results make Apple not only the biggest technical company in the world, but also become the 8th most notable and largest company in the world marking an excellent return to the global top ten-and next major tech company on the Forbes ranking for 2016.

Coming towards other companies, then Southwest Korea’s Samsung takes the number two tech position with $177 billion in takings, $16. 5 million in proceeds, $206. 5 billion in assets and a $216 billion market value. Microsoft company had $86. 5 million in revenue, $10 million in profit, assets of $182 billion and a $407 billion market value.

With the passing time, Apple is getting more popularity because of its reliable products. The iPhone-maker has crushed his rivals such as Samsung, Microsoft and Google’s companies to maintain its spot. Simply, the company has earn 35% more profit just within a year that is amazing.

The Global 2000 is FORBES’ gross annual ranking of the planet’s major and most powerful public companies and is based upon four equally-weighted metrics: revenue, profit, resources and their true market value. The 2016 list includes companies from 63 countries. In 2015, these famous and most notable companies of the world together produced $35 trillion and $2.4 trillion that is something incredible. If we talk about their total possessions worth, then it is $162 trillion and a combined market value of $44 trillion.

Furthermore, Microsoft is at third position with $86. 5bn in income, $10bn in profit, $182bn in assets and an industry value of $407bn.

The Cupertino-based tech giant, with the soaring income is now the one of the major companies in the world and fourth major in the US. Meanwhile, Samsung that is currently taking care of its next generation Galaxy Note device, took second spot in the list of the largest tech companies, with total profits of $177bn, $16. 5bn profit, $206. 5bn worth value of assets and $216bn market cap.