Best Fintech Companies


When finance is the subject of discussion in the world of technology, the word that instantly comes into mind is ‘FinTech’-combination of finance & technology. Technology is moving as fast as the world itself, everything can now be controlled through it whether it is investment, management, business, etc. All in all, Fintech is an implementation of better financial services by the help of technology. It is utilization of such software and algorithms so as to assist business owners, financial companies, banks, and also the customers in the betterment of their financial status. Fintech is considered as one of the biggest startups in US and not only startups, traditional finance companies are also actively participating in Fintech.

Fintech is owned or regulated by lots of companies whether they are based on digital banks, payment, insurance, enterprise software or whatever it is related to money. The world’s top 10 Fintech companies are as follows

Ant Financial

This Ant Financial Company is the world’s highest value Fintech Company. It is affiliated with Chinese group. Ant Financial is more into the services for wealth management, private payments and banking, credit reporting, etc.


This Company was astonishingly manufactured by some students from San Francisco. It was loan refinancing startup by them. Sofi also provided mortgage loans, unemployment protection, advices for financial operations, life insurance, etc. It has introduced many products to provide such services.Recent one is called ‘Stock Bits’ use for buying and selling of stock shares.


It is formerly known as Avant-Credit. Avant is more of a lending company. It generously offers loans in much reduced amount for middle-income consumers. It provides services to the customers for paying of unexpected high bills or un-payable debts.


Klarna Bank is one of the largest European Bank but is a Swedish bank. Unlike usual companies it does not lend credit traditionally but offers direct payments i.e. cash after delivery options and installment options and also provide payment solutions for most of the merchants from all over the world.


It is a Dutch E-commerce company. They provide a single platform for accepting payments through any sales channel from all over the world. This company grows at a very fast rate drawing customers rapidly. Some customers include Netflix, Uber, ebay, etc.


It is one of those platform on which you can perform simple tasks such as buying and selling something, paying a friend, transferring of funds, etc with just few taps on the screen. It manages digital currencies to attract those seeking privacy.


It is the online accounting software and is included in one of the fast growing ‘software as a service’ company, providing with all the favors comprising of platforms for small or medium sized businesses. Xero also can support unlimited users which is a unique characteristic among others.


The chime is more of an online company affiliated with two banks for all the account work or in simple words it is considered as digital bank and is one of the master-piece of it. It provides no-fee financial services.


It is a crypto currency industry. Circle goes by the principle that money should be open and free. It offers customers to invest in different currencies helping people worldwide to stay connected with each other through work.