“It’s not that we use technology, we live Technology”- Godfrey Reggio.

In this day and age, we live in a world where all the information is in the palm of our hands. Startups are always beneficial in the growth of the economy. And when technology is in the discussion, it is always significant where the money is concerned.

The word ‘Tech startups’ can be referred to as those companies which focus on the marketing and profitability of unconventional products and services created by the use of scientific knowledge for practical uses. These companies either generate and deliver new services & products or deliver the previous ones by renewing them. In the field of business, this kind of work is the most preferable and profitable source of income whether in the US or any other country.

In recent years in the US, there has been a very prominent and progressive increase in the world of technology by the establishment of various tech-based startups. Some of the best and biggest startups in the US are mentioned here.

Edtech Startup

Edtech is short of ‘Education Technology’, it is a company of technology associated with education. The motto of this company is to engage students in a classroom via modern tech services. Scott Lipton is the co-founder and CEO of this company. Some of the most famous and innovative startups of this company are:

  • Coursera: This was founded in 2012 at Stanford University and is one of the major educational platforms provided by edtech. Coursera provides over 48 million Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) world-wide. It partners with top-class universities and colleges to facilitate students with free registration and online courses on any of the subjects.
  • CoachHub: As the name indicates it is online career counseling from expert coaches from all over the world. It is a platform where coaching is conducted via video conferences from cell phones. One can also be registered as a coach if he/she meets all the requirements. CoachHub is now already in the practice of expert business coaches, entrepreneurs, leading engineers, and personnel experts.
  • Labster: In simple words, it is an online lab where students can perform their experiments without any risk factors involved. This platform can be best utilized by third world countries where they don’t have access to modern labs.


Just like Artificial Intelligence, this company is a Business Intelligence Company. This technology is a game of analysis. This platform provides analytic search software that helps to explore, analyze, and share business data easily. ThoughtSpot is Google for business people, they can search anything over it and it will provide a series of data to instantly analyze by them. It has been used by many popular companies like Walmart, Apple, etc.

Scale AI

Scale Artificial Intelligence (AI) was co-founded by 22-year-old Alexander Wang. Scale AI, the name says it all, is a platform that is used to scale up the artificial intelligence i.e. it provides top class training of AI and is used to speed up the development of AI associated applications. The startup picked up $100 million in funding.


Financial technology is the use of technological innovations to provide financial services to consumers. Fintech can be referred to as any business that utilizes modern technologies to enhance its financial processes.

  • PayPal: It is an American Fintech company dealing with online payments throughout the world. It was founded in 2015. PayPal allows the customer to hold up to 25 currencies. Apart from online payments it also provides services for debit cards, and credit cards too.
  • Button Wallet: It started with funding of $600K. It is a sort of online multi-currency wallet used for buying and selling digital assets via software called Telegram. With this you don’t have to involve the third person for the trading of currency, you can do it easily with the Telegram communication app.
  • Hastee: This Company comes with a tag line ‘Earnings on Demand’. It is a mobile application that enables an employee to gain a portion of their pay immediately after they earned it. The companies can offer this software to their workers to secure them about their earnings.

Hence, as far as tech startups are concerned the US is the best country, economically and financially because without startups there would preferably be no job growth in the US.