Trust in Robots during emergencies

Trust in Robots during Emergencies May Not Be Wise

A common question, we usually inquire is that can robotic power change our lifestyle in upcoming years. Well!It seems quite funny, but the reality is that from last few years the robots have been changing our life greatly. According to researchers, it is expected that in future they will be the most important part of our practical life. In simple words, we are living in the technological world where gadgets are playing an essential role in our life making it easy and faster. In short, we use different gadgets or machines to cook our food, to record TV shows, to run our business successfully and even to run our cars; machines are playing a huge role. However, there are drawbacks of these robotic machines as well that we cannot neglect.

Trusting Robots too much can cause problems

A latest studies show that human beings start trusting robots too much. This is true that human beings always have trust issues, but it has been recorded that human beings trust machines more than their own capabilities. In short, trusting robots all the time and especially in emergencies may not be wise and can lead to destruction. History has shown that machines has proven unreliable, so it is not wise to believe them all the time. There is nothing more powerful than a human mind, so we need to change our perspective towards robots and machines. This is good to rely on machines to work more easily and quickly, but not all the time.

Nowadays, individuals seem to believe that robotic systems know more and they are an essential tool to live a successful life. According to a senior researcher from Georgia Tech Research Institute:

“Undoubtedly, people from every age group and field seem to rely more on robotic power, instead of their own capabilities. They believe that robots cannot do any kind of mistake that is totally a wrong concept. In fact, relying on these machines by ignoring our mental power is the biggest mistake we are doing nowadays.”

The last but not the least; to change individual perception about these so called modern machines, different seminars and conferences are conducted in different parts of the world. This is true that modern world demands these innovative machines but it is an old proverb that the brain is the most strongest and marvelous body part human beings got. Therefore, relying so much on robotic power in our day to day activities and especially in an emergency cases can create hassle for us.