Ten Best Tech Youtube Geeks You Can’t Afford to Overlook!

Are you confused about which smartphone you should purchase?

What components are the most important in the model you are considering purchasing?

Are you unsure if you’re receiving a good bargain or if it’s all a promotional stunt?

We’ve all gotten on that ship at some point. Whenever it comes to figuring out innovation and modern technologies, we do need professional assistance. Who else than these “Tech-parts” aka tech experts to help you?

These YouTubers share their knowledge and skills by putting fresh tech gadgets to the test. They are not only genuine buyer guides, yet they are also a wonderful aid to their subscribers who could be uncertain how to handle technologies that are frequently intricate and difficult to operate. The stereotype notion of the computers nerd, commonly used for them is gone forever, these tech YouTubers are now a brand’s biggest asset. Indeed, these professionals have proven to be ideal friends for the audiovisual sector’s advertising sustainability approaches.

These YouTubers are ideal contributors for introducing a new product, exploring a potential targeted audience, or transmitting information to existing customers. These tech experts give a quick review of all the latest phones, gadgets, and tech amenities for viewers. These reviews make it easier for people to decide which model they should buy.

They also provide excellent advice on whether or not an investment in these tech gadgets is worthwhile. For instance, you can analyze with these tech experts if the new Xiaomi new laptop Mi Notebook 14 has a battery life that is as good as it advertises.

This article has shortlisted the best tech content creators on YouTube who will immediately resonate with tech lovers all around the world:

1. Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee Best Tech Youtuber

Marques Brownlee, aka “MKBHD” and HD (high definition), is the first tech guru on our ranking of excellent tech YouTubers. Marques is one of the most well-known personalities on YouTube, particularly in the tech world. He has been labeled “the finest technological critic on the earth right now” by the one and only Vic Gundotra, who is Google’s former Senior Vice President of Social.

Marques began filming technical content in 2009, whilst in his high school. Things have definitely evolved since 2009 because he now has over 10 million followers and 1.6 billion total video views. Marques is a smartphone hardware reviewer. Considering his expanding fame, he has been able to secure media interviews with prominent figures like Elon Musk and Will Smith on his YouTube account.

2. Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy Best Tech Youtuber

Unbox Therapy is another prominent Tech account on YouTube. His content allows you to enjoy the exhilaration of actually opening up the most recent tech products without actually paying for them. The channel is operated by Lewis George Hilsenteger as a host and videographer Jack McCann. In 2014, Unbox Therapy posted a video of Lewis folding his iPhone 6 Plus with his bare hands, which is credited with igniting the notorious controversy of the “Apple Bendgate” debate. Lewis not only reviews cellphones and laptops, but he also shows off odd things like a non-spillable cup that you might not have known exists. As of the current moment, his YouTube channel has over 16 million followers and almost a billion or more total views on his videos.

3. UrAvgConsumer

UrAvgConsumer Best Tech Youtuber

Following in the list of tech YouTubers is Judner Aura, also known as “UrAverageConsumer” for some. Judner, who describes himself as an “ordinary person who likes tech,” evaluates cellphones, tablets and laptops, cameras, games, and a variety of other products. Judner began his Internet career in 2012 with YouTube while attending Drexel University to pursue marketing and advertising. Judner’s YouTube channel has developed considerably because of his genuine thoughts and “ordinary guy” take on technology, including over 2.75 million subscribers base.

4. Jonathan Morrison

Jonathan Morrison est Tech Youtuber

This guy is indeed the talk of the town in the tech sector! The majority of you would experience like you’re watching to a close relative explaining the advantages and disadvantages of getting the latest cellphone you desire, thanks to his superb content and a clear explanation. We’re not sure what else to say if that doesn’t scream “credibility”! Jonathan Morrison began his Internet career in 2010 with the tldtoday channel, which was subsequently rebranded to his own name, Jonathan Morrison. Morrison produces sharp and aesthetically pleasing technology tutorials and products reviews ranging from gadgets analyses and purchasing suggestions to testing out the hottest applications and Computer games.   He presently has over 400 million views on his YouTube channel and approximately 2.7 million subscriptions.

5. iJustine

iJustine Best Tech Youtuber

She launched her YouTube channel back in 2006, and it presently has over 6.2 million followers! Her channel has everything, from new product suggestions to cybersecurity breaches and suggestions. She’s even started a project called ‘Vlog University with iJustine,’ wherein she actually teaches her followers all they need to know about tech blogging. Her achievements do not stop here! She is also being cast in several well-known television shows, including Law and Order, The Vampire Diaries, and Criminal Minds. iJustine is an inspiration for all the girls. She is among the leading tech YouTubers of all time.

6. MrWhoseTheBoss

MrWhoseTheBoss Best Tech Youtuber

One of the most famous tech content channels MrWhoseTheBoss creator Arun Maini, leads the Largest and most popular Tech Channel on YouTube. Arun has already been featured prominently in newspapers throughout the world, including Huffington Post, The Daily Telegraph, and Business Insider. All these newspapers have praised him for his personal contributions to YouTube’s tech world. MrWhoseTheBoss is a 24-year-old economist. His YouTube channel has more than 3.5 million subscribers. He accomplishes this achievement by contributing to the tech sector of YouTube through his in-depth smartphones performance evaluations and comparisons content.

7. LinusTechTips

 LinusTechTips Best Tech Youtuber

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a famous tech YouTuber from Canada. He runs four channels on YouTube label as Linus Tech Tips, Techquickie, TechLinked, and Channel Super Fun. He achieved a subscriber base of over 15 million people collectively from all his channels. His channel Linus Tech Tips is ranked as the 5th highly watched Technology channel on YouTube in February 2019.

His channel Tech Tips was started while Linus was working at NCIX, a now-defunct Online Canadian software firm, and was requested to launch a YouTube channel promoting product reviews. Linus has increased in prominence over time when Tubefilter channel mentioned that Linus channel make it among the “top 1% of Google’s recommended advertisement channels” on YouTube in the technology category in 2014. He is placed #4 on the list of the “Top 30 Power Players in Tech.” of Inc. magazine.

8. ColdFusion

ColdFusion Best Tech Youtuber

The most intriguing tech channel of ColdFusion creates captivating material about the world’s most amazing innovations. This is the channel on YouTube to actually watch if you want to learn about cutting-edge technologies by uncovering mysteries and busting misconceptions. Dagogo Altraide uncovers technological trends and the little-known backstories of the firms that drive them. He’s fascinated by anything from artificial intelligence to blockchain to the backstories of well-known items like the iPhone. His videos are fascinating, educative, and intended to stimulate anyone’s interest.

9. Sara Dietschy

Sara Dietschy Best Tech Youtuber

Sara Dietschy is known as the most creative tech YouTuber. She is not only an exceptional tech influencer on YouTube but also unique because she is a female tech blogger in a male-dominated tech field. Her concentration on both technologies and their use in the construction of dynamic content distinguishes her from other YouTubers. She focuses on her video background to provide incredible critiques of photography-related products, providing us firsthand knowledge of lenses as well as the photography and filming functions of cellphones. She uses her YouTube videos on her famous podcast, That Creative Life, as a medium to motivate her viewers with tech, corporate business, and artistic objectives.

10. Austin Evans

Austin Evans Best Tech Youtuber

Austin Evans is already a part of the tech social media arena since 2009 when he began with an application review. Austin now has millions of followers and evaluates a wide range of technology. His speed test YouTube clip contrasting the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, which has been posted on Mashable, made him popular.

You can now watch him spending his money on mysterious technology or receive his opinion upon whether the newest high-priced cellphone is worthwhile. Austin does not really take himself too seriously, either shooting gleefully with the newest release on Instagram or even in his YouTube gadget user reviews, he allows his inner tech geek to come out. He is the most fun influencer you will ever know!