In the modern times, the networking technologies have been advanced to the wireless network named as ‘WiFi’. It is an internet connection between different devices which work by the utilization of radio frequency. The foremost advantage of this connection is that it allows local network to connect and to operate without cables making it very feasible for business networks and homes.

Wifi has now become a necessity for each and every one of us. It helps people to stay connected anywhere at any time. But everything cannot be perfect; the most reported problem of this wireless network is speed problem. People nowadays are too fast that this wifi speed problem is irritating them and delaying their work. The good thing is that the manufacturers did not leave this problem unattended they have suggested many solutions to mitigate this problem, from which some important are described here:

  1. Placement of Router:

    Ever heard of a rule ‘Everything needs to be in its place to work properly’? This same rule applies to the router too. The placement can be considered as the basic factor to increase the speed of wifi. All electric household appliances emit radiations which create a dead area around the router restricting the signals. The most perfect spot to place the router is the centre of the house so that its signal can reach everywhere and there would be effective increase in the speed. The placement should be above the floor level, the best place would be to fix it high on the wall or on top shelf.

  2. Router Update:

    Sometimes slow speed or poor connection is due to outdated firmware of router and it also can cause security problems. In recent era cyber crimes are equally committed as street crimes, which won’t be possible if routers are kept updated. Therefore, to overcome these issues one need to update the router on regular basis for better performance and improved features.

  3. Frequency Configuration:

    For optimum performance, your network should be configured. Normally, the frequency which is used is 2.4GHz which, at times, may cause sluggishness in speed leading to poor connection. But is your router is dual-band, it can be easily switched to a better frequency i.e. 5GHz. This frequency offers much faster speed, and faster data rates at short distances. It’ll also avoid unnecessary interference of other wireless networks. But one drawback of 5GHz is that it cannot handle obstruction meaning that it won’t be reaching as far as 2.4GHz signal does.

  4. Adjust WiFi Channel:

    Just like aisles in the supermarket, there are numerous wifi channels to be broadcast by a wifi router. The usual cheap routers are set on default channels i.e. that router will always transmit that specific channel no matter how congested these are leading to signal congestion. Whereas modern routers can easily switch between the channels and will automatically choose the channel which is least crowded. This channel will then be helpful in stimulating the speed and proper connections.

  5. Purchasing a WiFi Booster:

    These wifi boosters are very essential since they can perform dual function. It intensifies the existing signal boosting its speed and then rebroadcast it to a whole new network. This new network is a supplement of the main signal so that data also have to go through with it. That’s why these boosters are useful in the condition where main signal is weak.

  6. Getting a Better Antenna:

    Antenna can be a very good option in several ways, if the router you’re using has weak short antenna it can always be replaced with a stronger, and a taller one. If it has an internal antenna there is always an option to add an external one so that it can strengthen the signal and boost your wifi. Sometimes here is an odd that you are experiencing a weak spot in your network in any particular direction, for this you can point your external ‘directional’ antenna in that direction so that it can broadcast the signal.

In the world of technology, where all of us are connected via internet, one should try to keep their wifi network updated and maintained so that they are not left behind.