Mobile phones, way of communication, source of entertainment, connectors to the whole world, are all in all basic necessities of everyone’s life. Although they are used roughly in our daily routine, they are pretty sensitive. Using mobile phones always comes with a high price because once it falls off of the hand; there will surely be some pretty good damage. But as the saying goes ‘Every problem has a solution’, therefore these damages can be overcome by following the solutions properly.

Android phones can face many problems like low internal memory, battery issues, slow android, apps not downloading, delayed notifications, auto correct issues, stop whatsapp media from showing in the gallery, etc. Among all these issues Black screen is one of the serious damages of the mobile phone. It won’t be wrong if it is said that a person can be gloomy while facing this problem. It is alternatively entitled as ‘Black screen of Death’, ‘Blue screen of death’, ‘Blue Bug’, or ‘Blank screen’. The name itself indicates that mobile undergo some error which causes it to shutdown automatically. This ‘error’ could be various different things; it maybe downloading of any app with viruses, contact of mobile phone with the ground when it falls may result in loose wiring, hot environment can also cause short circuit, or maybe there is some fault in software, or could be due to liquid contact with the phone. In short there could be many more reasons of black screen, but to recover from it following are the best possible solutions one should go along with.

Simple hacks to fix black screen:

Once a wise man said that always start with simple solutions. And the easier way to try is to start the system. Though it can also be a problem, but there are following three methods by which you can reboot your system:

  1. Try hard reboot your android by holding power and volume up button together for 8-10 seconds and then release both button. Press power button again until mobile turns on.
  2.  If you have time then wait for your mobile’s battery to die. However, you should know how long your phone can run on standby. When the battery drains out, press the power button to turn it on.
  3. You can try this method If hard reboot fails and you don’t have enough time to wait but this method is applicable only for the phones which battery can be removed. If possible, then removed the battery to force stop your mobile phone and then reinsert it and press the power button.

Best Way to Fix Black Screen:

The best yet reliable way to fix your android from black screen of death is to use user-friendly software, namely Android Repair. This software is very easy to use and once installed, can do all the work for you. For the working you should follow the given detailed steps:

  • Step 1: Install the software into your computer, and your android with the computer. Open the software and click ‘fix device’ or ‘repair’ or any other option similar to this.
  • Step 2: The program will now show you numerous problems of Android that it can fix. Select the situation you’re in i.e. ‘Black Screen’ and then click Next/start.
  • Step 3: Now choose your device from a list of androids so that the program will give you fix package according to your device’s info. Agree to the terms and condition and hit start.
  • Step 4: Convert your phone into download mode by following the onscreen instructions. 
  • Step 5: Once your mobile is in download mode, again click start. Repairing will start automatically; wait for the process to complete. Once finished you can restart your phone to normal situation. 

Other Dead Screen Fixing Ways:

  • By Wiping Cache Partition: These caches can also be sometime harmful, because they not only slow down the phone but can also interrupt the working of the system. Therefore, to remove the caches could be a better and effective way. It is possible when your mobile is in recovery mode; Turn off your android by pressing the power button. Again press power and volume down button to enter into recovery mode. Navigate with the volume button and choose ‘wipe cache partition’ option displaying on the screen and select by using power button. Once done, select the ‘reboot system now’ option to reset the device.
  • Delete Incompatible Applications: One reason for the dead screen is downloading of apps with viruses or bugs. To uninstall them in case of black screen android must enter the ‘safe mode’. Switch off your device then turn it back on. By doing so you will see a boot logo (green one), press and hold the volume down button, your phone will automatically enter into the safe mode. Navigate to settings and then application manager from where you can select the app you want to uninstall and enter into ‘App info’ page. Select ‘uninstall’ to delete it and restart your device.
  •  Factory Reset: Another option to fix it is to factory reset the device. Among all other means, this is the most powerful option for fixing. For this enter into recovery mode, as mentioned in above step, select the option ‘wipe data/factory reset’ by power button. When it finishes the device will reboot automatically.

Dead screen or Boot screen problems can be solved but it may result in loss of data so before you encounter any of the android’s problems you should backup your data weekly. For backing up of data there are several ways spread on the internet which you can search and adopt to avoid any loss.

You can follow above -mentioned ways to fix the black screen. Try one by one until you find the one that can help you with your problem. Hence, there is always more than one solution for every problem. Try going for every solution before quitting.