In the modern digital age, all one could think about is how to enhance the latest technology. The name ‘Artificial Intelligence’ seems a little too realistic even though this term is nowadays considered as the brain of technology. In simple yet exact words artificial intelligence for machines works as human intelligence for the human brain. This AI alternatively called Machine Intelligence refers to the prototype of human intelligence into machines which then replicates the human thinking and cognition. As far as its importance is concerned, it enhances the effectiveness of human capabilities in almost every field of life.

Artificial intelligence is spreading far and wide within no time. All the companies whether business or not are trying to implement the AI to satisfy their customers or to make their work easier. And this implementation is also on hand right now since many AI apps have been established making this whole process seem easier. AI app is putting all those intelligence into functions and services. One can easily get to know the importance of it that it has helped out Netflix and Amazon, the two great market apps, in improving their compliances.


This application is more of your robotic personal assistant with intelligence as effective as human intelligence. It is supported by Windows 10 and is a search engine for your ease. Cortana chats with you like your friend to help you find your desired things, manage your schedule, help you to connect with other people, and also find a simple solution for all your problems.

Google Assistant

 And another assistant all of us are more familiar with is this Google Assistant. It is a more effective messenger and helps you in your hard times. As most of the time, we’re too lazy to even type from the keyboard and that’s what this assistant is here for, it can search your work and helps you solving your tasks by listening to your voice i.e. by chatting you through sound. This app is so comfortable to use that it is now available in cars, on the fridge, headphones, etc.

Amazon Alexa

 Alexa also called Amazon Alexa or simply Amazon is an artificially intelligent virtual assistant app. This app uses natural processing language to solve all our queries such as setting up alarms, interaction with voices, information on weather, sports, etc. Alexa is now used in many devices in Windows and in Mac too.


It is more similar to Google voice search only with the extra feature of forecasting the weather for coming more days, listening to your favorite music, setting more than one alarm simultaneously, apps can be activated by saying ‘Ok Hound’, etc. There is yet more to come on Hound, so start utilizing this unique AI application.


 This ‘Elsa speak’ is more of a teacher rather than an assistant. The main issue for today’s world is speaking English since it is the connecting language between us. Well, Elsa is here to help you out in this genuine issue, you can easily learn English in short dialogues and can get immediate feedback from it just like a professional teacher. It helps in quick progress. This AI app utilizes speech recognition technology.


This app with the motto of ‘Never lose track’, is very beneficial for our generation since almost all of us have the habit of forgetting important things and most of us cannot keep the track of time and our money. So here it is to keep your things on track and to save your precious money. Fyle is a management app.


 It is the famous Apple AI app for a virtual assistant. Siri is more of a voice assistant app which is used by 44% of the smartphone users. It utilizes voice interaction to make calls, send text messages, giving recommendations, etc. 

Artificial intelligence is productivity and time management and, in short, it is all about working smart. Why do you have to waste your time doing things when they can be done through some application? And since it is a well known saying that “Time is Money”, then go make some money.