WINDOWS 10 PROBLEMS and Solutions


Microsoft with all the exciting features in it. Windows 10 may be all beneficial but all the good things come with a price. Some problems accompany the installation of Windows 10 but the plus point is these problems were already discovered and rectified making it easier for all of us.


Problem: Updating the installed window is quite necessary to keep your computer working. Sometimes the updates would stuck or won’t install due to many reasons which could be due to not having enough free space, or due to error of updates one day because of faulty internet connection or corruption of update file could also be the cause.

Solution: If the problem is due to less space then there are two options you can go with; one, there is an installed or built-in Disk cleanup tool in PCs that can easily clean the files you have selected to free the space. Second, you can download the CleanMyPC app which can itself remove all your unnecessary files and uninstall applications not-in-use and can free much space. But if the problem is due to corrupted file then you have to delete all the files from C:/Windows/Software distribution/downloads.


Problem: Another problem with Windows 10 is the PC might boot slowly at sometime i.e. it will take much time for the desktop screen to appear. It could be due to the running of startup apps, or due to malware infection.

Solution: If your window is infected with malware then by the help of Window Defender in Updates & Security option, fully scan the PC to remove it. Or you can turn on your computer in a safe mood through advanced booting options. This safe mood will automatically turn off or disable startup programs, not the essential ones. This will help to boot the system.


Problem: At times, there is a problem commonly called blue screen or black screen error which indicates that your windows or your system need to be repaired. This error may arise when an external device is plugged into the computer and has incompatibility issues with the system.

Solution: Simple solution would be removing the device, restarting the system, and then reconnecting the device after the appearance of the desktop. But if this doesn’t do any good then restart your computer, press Shift the computer will enter into safe mode and this should solve all the problems. Another option for repairing windows is using the Troubleshooter option, here you can select the type of trouble and simply RUN it.


Problem: It is quite noticeable that when you connect your PC with mobile data via hotspot, the data tends to end up quickly. The major reason behind this data consumption is an automatic Windows update. Another reason is that several apps are running in the background which also utilizes the data side by side.

Solution: For removing this problem you can either set a limit to your data consumption by setting it as a Metered connection from the advanced options of wifi. Or you can also disable the update of windows on mobile data. This could be done by opening advanced options of windows update. From here select how your updates need to be delivered and choose the option that says PCs on My local network.


Problem: Sometimes a major problem that arises is that the system restore points have gone missing that would possibly be due to another corruption issue or it is turned off by default due to some unknown reason.

Solution: For enabling the system to restore, open the system properties by searching it on the start menu. Under the System protection tab select the main drive of the computer and then configure. Then lastly select ‘Turn on system protection’ to restore it. And you can further create the restore points via creating a button on the same tab, but after turning on the system protection.

Nowadays Windows 10 problems are not much of a problem due to all the tips and advice available all over the internet. Therefore if you can encounter any of the above problems you can easily rectify it on your own.

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