platforms for online tutoring


Teaching or tutoring is a widely adopted profession and advantageous too, both of them involve instructing and advising the students. But despite being the almost similar word, there are some minor differences among them making one of the superior over other which include that a tutor is someone to whom students refer to when they need some extra help after they are being taught by a teacher and tutors may or may not have a professional degree too. Tutoring is much easy to achieve because of two reasons; one, since almost all of the people are educated up to a certain level and can definitely tutor the students of the level below and second, the most important one, is that there are various tutoring platforms available across the world whether in-person or online. Comparing the two types of it, the most genuine problem in in-person tutoring is that you have to be restricted in your own area, in your own city to tutor because you cannot travel further for tuition, only. Whereas in online tutoring this is merely a problem since you can easily connect with anyone anywhere via online tutoring platforms.

Online tutoring is beneficial in various ways; it does not require any time restriction or time limitation, students with less self-confidence can easily learn through it because of less virtual interaction, and many more. For this, there are several online platforms available which could be useful for a tutor as well as students.

Chegg tutoring platform

This online platform is one of the best tutoring platforms available on the internet at quite reasonable prices. The benefit of the tutor is that they may be undergraduate but can still teach through this website. And as for the students they have the authority to browse different tutor’s profiles to find the one they prefer of course and the help is available around the clock.

Khan Academy tutoring platform

This academy is not only for teaching but also for boosting up a child’s education with something new and exciting in every lesson they conduct. Tutors over here earn by making short informative video clips. Khan academy is best for homeschooling too and the plus point is that materials available here are 100% free for all who are eager to learn.

TutorMe tutoring platform

Tutors on this website are always highly qualified and properly checked before they are registered. Unlike Chegg, students are set up with the best eligible tutor by the site itself; they don’t have the choice to browse them. It also offers online courses to the students on their demands and is more suitable for high school and college adults.

eTutorWorld tutoring platform

 The eTutorWorld is more into a personalized tutoring plan for each and every student, recording all their efforts and also check-in with the parents for regular review. This world considers tutors as their ‘mentors’ rather than the teacher. It is more beneficial as one-on-one tuition provides more attention and is more interactive and helpful for the students and tutors too.

Skooli tutoring platform

This program is kind of expensive as compared to others but is easy to get started with. Skooli is more helpful for last-minute queries i.e. you don’t necessarily have to be in a long course or to be registered they can just input their question and skooli will find a suitable tutor to answer that query. Above all, it is more famous for its maths tutoring.

Wyzant tutoring platform

In this platform, students get the benefit of reviewing the tutor’s profile comparing their experience, rates, or whatever before they find the right one. The plus point is that there’s no fixed rate in Wyzant as tutors can charge as much as they want and students can book the tutor whoever seems reasonable to them. Students only have to pay for the time they truly learn no upfront payment is there.

Smarthinking tutoring platform

 As the name indicates, it only hires people who are smart. Tutors first have to be certified under a certain organization and have to be qualified for some given parameters to apply in this program. Standard prices are there. Parents or students anyone can ask any query at any time as it ensures availability 24/7.

Other than these, there are several hundreds of platforms available with the most talented, smart, and eligible tutors across the globe. No matter what platform you choose, online tutoring is continuously developing to avail much easier technologies, and appealing their clients in the best way they can.

Online tutoring is not only best for tutors; it can also be a very beneficial business since nowadays everyone is eager to learn and earn and is quite familiar with the bitter reality that in the present era a person without education cannot survive.